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Eating Spots You Must Try in Cabramatta! (UPDATED!)

Cabramatta, a suburb in Southwestern Sydney that should be visited if you are looking for some of Sydney's best food spots.. It's quite far from where I live but the thoughts of going there always light the spark in me! 

As soon as you step into the main food street (John St).. You'll find a vast array of restaurants and cafes offering many choices of mouthwatering authentic Vietnamese cuisine, be it in the form of Pho, Bahn Mi and others.. 

With each places specialising in a particular type of dish.. Here are some eating spots we recommend you to visit!

Blaq Piq - CBD

Blaq Piq has just recently opened but it has already been creating a buzz on social media lately. At first I thought they would open as a BBQ place with its name sounds like a black pig (plus their cute pig tail logo), but they turn out serving Asian-fusion brunch!

Speedo's Cafe - Bondi Beach

With its prime location on the north side of the beach plus their social media sensation's colorful-yet-cute donuts and cronuts, it's not surprising to see Speedo's as a favourite meeting place for both locals and visitors. 

Dessert Feast at Passion Tree - Chatswood

Passion Tree is the answer to my wish as we always think Chatswood is lacking of dessert options. Located above the station, this dessert house gives us a cozy feeling upon entering with its modern and white elements interior.

Khao Pla - Chatswood

Khao Pla has won people's heart as one of the best Thai eateries in Chatswood area since the day they opened back in 2013. Coming from Bangkok, Chef Pla Rojratanavichai, having worked with Spice I am, Ms. G's and Mr Wong brings his idea of authentic flavour and classic Thai dishes into an innovative menu for his first Thai restaurant.
(Read more about his second Thai restaurant, Chum Tang here)

Ramen Zundo - CBD

As the weather finally warms up and just about the right time to answer Mr. Nomnom's ramen craving, I start paying attention to Ramen Zundo after hearing some recommendations to try their Tsukemen.

Little Hutong - Little Bay

"What does Hutong mean?" - That's the first question Mr. Nomnom asked when I told him there's a relatively new place in Eastern suburb called Little Hutong.

I started googling and found it actually means a type of narrow lane or alleyway in a traditional residential area in China where many of the Chinese cooking styles and tastes we know now emerged from those small back lanes. Little Hutong hold this concept close as they combine the authentic flavours from Penang, Japanese, Chinese and Peranakan food with high quality of raw ingredients and thus create a high standard for their own authentic taste!

Boscage - Surry Hills

It is no longer a surprise to hear there's a new cafe recently opened at the heart of Sydney's brunch scene, Surry Hills. Serving modern Australian cuisine, Boscage makes everything in-house from scratch which means they bake all the breads and pastries and even smoking the salmon themselves!

The Pig and Pastry - Petersham

I have always wanted to visit this place having heard some good reviews about their delicious food and baked goods. As I was planning to catch up with Ms. GO, we finally decided to visit this cute vintage cafe and tried their lunch menu (it's served from midday).

Cafe Oratnek - Redfern

I would see Redfern in different way now with the addition of Cafe Oratnek opened by Chef Kentaro "Kenny" Takayama, ex-Bills head chef, located just behind the Prince Alfred Park and surrounded by the retail space and residential area.

Named after the chef's first name in reverse (Kentaro - Oratnek), this place offers some fresh Asian influence to its menu and produce everything mostly in-house (with the exception of Brickfields bread and Mecca coffee).

Roastville Coffee - Marrickville

I love waffles! Crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, sweet or savoury version.. They basically go along with everything in this world! Waffles FTW.. LOL! So when I hear there's a relatively new cafe in Marrickville and I see that glorious word, WAFFLE, on the menu.. There's nothing in this world can really stop me from going there ;D

XS Espresso - Wetherill Park

Sydney seems to be going through a mind-blowing milkshake phase with all the extreme crazy flavours everywhere.. Before I know it, the inner child inside me is awaken and now has that strong urge to get a hold (at least one) of those!

Hungry Wolf - Wollongong


Located opposite Wollongong's best and popular Howlin' Wolf Bar is the new established little brother, Hungry Wolf.. Serving American style dishes with some Asian twist, this new cafe brings an exciting mix to the big brother's relaxed and casual atmosphere with its fresh and hearty food..

Best Tofu Soup at BCD Tofu House - Epping

There's nothing better than a bowl (or bowls) of piping hot soup to warm and fill me up on a cold winter's day! As I can't handle cold weather, it definitely leaves me feeling chilled to the bone, constantly hungry and longing for a good Soondubu (Tofu Soup) all the time!

BCD Tofu House is truly a hidden gem (it's quite hidden from the main road) in Epping and as the name says, you're going to be here for their Korean Soondubu! 

Gratia: Sydney's First Profit-for-Purpose Cafe - Surry Hills

Sydney's first profit for a purpose cafe has recently opened in Surry Hills.. A little bit of chat with the staff, she explained that 100% of its profits (after paying all the expenses and running costs) will be split 50% for their own foundation, Pure Foundation and the other 50% will be for the diners' nominated charities.. For every $5 spent on food and drinks, diners will be given a coloured ball and can choose which charity they want their donation is made to.. 

Local Mbassy - Ultimo

The weather was so good last week.. A-rather-warm winter and sunny day urged me to leave my bed and went out for a walk! Just a short walking distance from Central Station, I arrived at this 2-months-old cafe to catch up with Ms. ET..

Local Mbassy is a great addition to Ultimo considering the lack of cafe options around the area.. The decoration gave you the industrial feeling with all the unique furniture pieces, the light bulb fittings and its larger-than-life mural by local artist, Sid Tapia..

Lobster to my Eggs Benni at Rustic Pearl - Surry Hills

I always love spending my time in Surry Hills! As one of the suburbs with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops, Surry Hills offer a great range of dishes inspired by flavours from all over the world! 

Dessert for Breakfast at Maslow's - Naremburn

After finishing their pop-up cafe in Pymble, Maslow finally re-opened their door to the public and Naremburn, a suburb in lower north shore of Sydney will become the next place for food enthusiasts to meet..

Orto Trading Co - Surry Hills

Who doesn't love Eggs Benedict for breakfast? Usually topped with ham or bacon or salmon, this tasty dish is super easy to be found in every place you go.. If you ask me which place makes the best or shall I say the one that has left a deep impression on me? I'll answer Orto Trading is one of them!

Thy Vietnamese Eatery - Bankstown

Vietnamese food has a definite spot in my heart with its light flavour and freshness. Fresh herbs and vegetables are essential to many Vietnamese dishes and mostly served as condiments..

Last weekend Mr. Nomnom and I decided to visit Bankstown as it's been ages since the last time we went there.. With Banh Cuon (Steamed Rice Roll) set in our mind, we know there's no other place we'd rather be than Thy Vietnamese Eatery..
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