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Located opposite Wollongong's best and popular Howlin' Wolf Bar is the new established little brother, Hungry Wolf.. Serving American style dishes with some Asian twist, this new cafe brings an exciting mix to the big brother's relaxed and casual atmosphere with its fresh and hearty food..

Hungry Wolf also offers an exciting build-your-own lunch menu with nothing over $10 for the "base" (you can choose their "bowls", "big or small plates") and then match it with their "thangs" for $5.

As we came here to try their dinner menu, we started with this Korean Styled Wings.. Lightly breaded and served with Korean chili sauce, these wings were crispy on the outside and both tender and juicy on the inside.. A lil bit of chat with the chef, Angus McCarthy, he explained that they parboiled the chicken wings to shorten the deep-frying cooking time and thus a less oily golden brown fried chicken wings that were slightly healthier and so addictive with the spicy sauce..

This was one of Mr. Nomnom's favourite, the Beef & Co. The original tough and chewy brisket was slowly braised until it became tender and moist before searing it on the grill to get that flavourful crusty surface.. The brisket was served with their famous super-thin-cut fries on its side, sauces and the crumbly cornbread (it was a little bit too dry for my liking tho)..

It was love at first bite the moment I put this Fried Heirloom Tomatoes in my mouth.. They did a good job pairing juicy and tangy tomatoes with the tasty savoury potato hash, herbs, buffalo mozarella and balsamic vinaigrette and thus created the most mouth-watering and beautifully presented heirloom tomatoes..

Yup.. Anything with pork belly wins Mr. Nomnom! Like chocolate, pork knows how to make everything better with its warm and rich taste.. With crunchy crackling skin and the glorious melt-in-you mouth meat, this tender and juicy Drunken Pork Belly had that strong whisky taste but so special and it pleasantly went well with the zingy pickled apples and chili honey..

Mr. Nomnom and I found this House Ramen's broth was quite fascinating.. It was quite subtle as they use mushroom as the base but it was also earthy and deeply aromatic with the use of herbs and spices.. For some reason, it reminds me of my mom's herbal soup!
The noodle texture was flat, straight, thin and not that springy (more like a soba in yellow colour).. Served with a poached egg and tender brisket, this one was a totally different genre from the usual ramen we'd eaten..

Hungry Wolf
53 - 61 Crown Street, Wollongong
Opening Hours:
Monday - Tuesday 6.30am - 3pm
Wednesday - Friday 6.30am - 9pm
Saturday 7am - 9pm
Sunday 5pm - 9pm

Let's Nomnom dined as guests of the Hungry Wolf and Wasamedia.. A big thank you to Katie and Jay for looking after us.. All opinions here are our own and independent. 
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  1. Oh wow everything looks good! American Asian fusion sounds cool -will have to try it next time I'm in Wollongong

    1. Yes! I havent tried their Po Boys.. It must be good too.. WIll be back to try their lunch menu next time we're in Wollongong =D

  2. Such an interesting technique with the chicken wings! I must give that a go sometime :D

    1. I can't wait to see your new recipe with this technique =D


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