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Explore Beyond The Usual Bangkok - Things to DO and EAT in Khao Yai!

Which destination usually comes into your mind when thinking about short holiday? I guess most of you will mention Bangkok! Talking about the shopping spree, food galore, massage, and so on - who doesn't like it?! But if you are bored with the same traffic jam, the hustle and bustle in the city - how about a short getaway outside of Bangkok?

Macau Food Guide: 8 Must Eat From The City That Is Not All About Gambling!

Macau, a city that never sleeps that is also known globally as "The Vegas of China", actually has so much more to offer than casinos. Enriched with Portuguese colonial history for more than 300 years, this is a city where you can hear people speaking Cantonese inside Portuguese-named restaurants. Located at around 30-mins-ferry-ride makes Macau a great stop-over away from the hectic Hong Kong. Be it for sight-seeing or food-hunting or even gambling, Macau simply has everything you might be looking for. 

Hong Kong: The 10 MUST EAT In This City That's All About Eating (and Shopping)!

With Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, all that matters now is being with your loved ones and enjoying this festive season to the fullest! Well, it's usually the time when you are full of happy thoughts planning to go somewhere cooler for a winter wonderland fiesta. Think about seasonal festivals, wintertime-only activities, and so on and on and on..

Hong Kong may not be your first destination of choice, but between the mild weather, the so-called food paradise, and the overflowing ads for end-of-year-sale, this city can be one of the best places to get a dose of holiday spirit!

A Full Day of Eating in Adelaide - Let's Nomnom Guide!

When I mention about Adelaide to most of my friends, they mostly say it has nothing to offer rather than their vineyards and wine tasting activities. Out of curiosity and having heard that there is Australia's first Hello Kitty Cafe there, I manage to use my love for Hello Kitty as a main excuse to persuade Mr. Nomnom to put Adelaide as out next getaway destination!

Happily doing my reading before going on a trip, now I'm gonna share our full day of eating in Adelaide..

Top 7 Places to Visit in Canberra!

Spring is here.. Bird is chirping.. Flowers are blooming.. Bla bla bla.. It's a clear sign for a quick weekend GETAWAY for both of us!

Only a short three hour drive from Sydney, Canberra is packed with Australia's history and culture, tasty food, bike riders, roundabouts and all those magic make Canberra attractive on its own way.

When it comes to a getaway, I'm sure everyone has their own to do list and some special places to eat. In case you don't, here are our top 7 places we'd love to share with you!

Hungry Wolf - Wollongong


Located opposite Wollongong's best and popular Howlin' Wolf Bar is the new established little brother, Hungry Wolf.. Serving American style dishes with some Asian twist, this new cafe brings an exciting mix to the big brother's relaxed and casual atmosphere with its fresh and hearty food..

Conquering New Zealand's South Island! CHRISTCHURCH and surrounds MUST EAT & VISIT Edition!

Kia Ora!

We just returned from our winter trip and I have missed all the breathtaking natures at every corner we went.. Only approximately 3 hours by plane from Sydney, this gifted land with all the picturesque and nature's wonders can be a perfect escape plan for all type of travellers.. 

Let's Nomnom's MELBOURNE TOP 5 - EASTER Edition!

I know this post is a bit too late especially if we want to talk about the Easter Holiday.. But it's better to be late rather than nothing at all right? *excuses and excuses*

Mr. Nomnom thought that it's been ages since the last time he visited Melbourne and it would be a great plan for us to spend our long weekend there.. Upon hearing that.. I started creating a food wish list and of course we tried to balance it with joining a full-day Philip Island tour and watched those cute little penguins marched their way back to the shore after being out catching fish.. LOL

After eating in 16 different places during our 3 days city stay.. Here are our Melbourne's Top 5 Easter Edition!

The Nomnoms' List - 5 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Bangkok!

What comes to your mind when you hear someone says "Bangkok"?
I guess most of you will think about SHOPPING, MASSAGE and THAI FOOD.. 
Don't deny it! ;D

But we actually think that there are much more surprises Bangkok can offer especially with their selection of cafes and coffee shops..

Here is a list of our 5 favourite cafes that are worth checking out!

Bali's Little Secret Garden - Gardin Bistro

Lately in my FB account, I see many people are talking about couple of unique themed restaurants in Bali. I'm intrigued to open the link and read the article up until I see a familiar name, Gardin Bistro. 

I, then check into Mr. Nomnom's camera to see whether it's the same place we have visited before. 


Santorini Park in Cha-am, Thailand

I told Mr. Nomnom that I would like to go back to Santorini with him one day. Until 1 month ago, he told me he found a place in Thailand, called Santorini Park. I was surprised to hear that it's located in Cha-am, about 3.5 hours ride from Bangkok. Guess what?? I agreed to him straight away! Ha!

Santorini Park is basically an amusement park that resembles the white washed buildings of Santorini in Greece where shopping, food and art are integrated. 

For me personally, I saw it as "Photo-session" theme park. LOL

Although this place is not too big, every single corner is very photogenic. I could say that because we couldn't really stop pressing our camera button from the moment we stepped in.

Fairytales do exist!

I guess I am overwhelmed with lots of photos we have captured since Mr. Nomnom moved to Thailand and especially during our trip.. In addition to that, couple of days ago, we noticed that our wedding trailer video has been uploaded!!!! I, of course, get distracted and can't stop replaying it days and nights! 

I promise to Mr. Nomnom, I will collect all my souls ASAP and start doing what I need to do and on the other hand, he will let me share a little bit of our "precious day" =D

Sunday, 21st September 2014 was an unforgettable day for us, especially me! We tied our knot in Bali at Samabe Resort and Anantara Seminyak Resort. We agreed to hold an intimate wedding and after a lot considerations, Bali was chosen as the perfect place!!

Here are some sneak peeks I really want to share ;)
They are all un-edited (Yes, I can't wait to see the final results!)

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