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The World's First TOKIDOKI Pop-Up Cafe! Can You Guess Where To Find It?

Building on the success of previous collaborations with Cinnamoroll, Miffy, We Bare Bears, this time KUMOYA is partnering with TOKIDOKI to open the world's first pop-up cafe! From 29th March 2018 to the end of June, all Tokidoki fans will get a chance to spend time with their favorite characters in the quirky and colorful Tokidoki universe. 

Singapore FIRST Miffy Pop-Up Cafe at Kumoya! (LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Miffy hops to Singapore to celebrate
Kumoya’s 1st Anniversary!
In celebration of Kumoya first anniversary in the month of October 2017,
we are glad to present to you “Miffy meets Kumoya”. The collaboration is taking
place from 5 October 2017 (Thursday) to 31 December 2017 (Sunday) with Kumoya,
Singapore’s first Halal-certified Japanese-French café, being the first to bring
Miffy’s pop-up café into Singapore and Southeast Asia
Miffy hops to Singapore to celebrate
Kumoya’s 1st Anniversary!
In celebration of Kumoya first anniversary in the month of October 2017,
we are glad to present to you “Miffy meets Kumoya”. The collaboration is taking
place from 5 October 2017 (Thursday) to 31 December 2017 (Sunday) with Kumoya,
Singapore’s first Halal-certified Japanese-French café, being the first to bring
Miffy’s pop-up café into Singapore and Southeast Asia
Singaporeans can rejoice that Miffy is finally here in Singapore to celebrate Kumoya's first anniversary! The collaboration will take place from 5 October to 31 December 2017 at Kumoya, Singapore's first Halal-certified Japanese-French cafe at Jalan Klapa. 

If you are not familiar with Miffy, first of all, she's a little white bunny from Holland (not a Japanese as some of you might guess) and also becomes Dick Bruna's most popular character featured in so many books and appeals to both children and adults all over the world. 

Singapore FIRST Kumoya X Cinnamoroll Pop-Up Cafe (LIMITED TIME ONLY!) at Jalan Klapa!

To celebrate the 15th anniversary, CINNAMOROLL is finally coming to Singapore! I can't contain my excitement when I learnt that Kumoya, Singapore's first Halal-certified Japanese-French cafe, will do a pop-up cafe collaboration with this beloved character from 17 May 2017 to 13 August 2017.

Eating Spots You Must Try in Cabramatta! (UPDATED!)

Cabramatta, a suburb in Southwestern Sydney that should be visited if you are looking for some of Sydney's best food spots.. It's quite far from where I live but the thoughts of going there always light the spark in me! 

As soon as you step into the main food street (John St).. You'll find a vast array of restaurants and cafes offering many choices of mouthwatering authentic Vietnamese cuisine, be it in the form of Pho, Bahn Mi and others.. 

With each places specialising in a particular type of dish.. Here are some eating spots we recommend you to visit!

The Choc Pot HQube - Rosebery

Rejoice Eastern Suburbians! After opening their Chatswood and CBD stores, TCP has now opened a store in Rosebery! This venue is more spacious, provides ample natural light and somehow looks like a glass box with their kitchen also acts as the central especially to do the testing for the upcoming monthly specials.

Cre Asion - CBD

If you ask me what is my favourite cafe in Sydney? Cre Asion will be my first answer! A once a week visit has become a routine simply because I am a huge fan of matcha. Some people may dislike it for its bitter aftertaste but for me it's the bitter the better

Petal Met Sugar - CBD [ Closed ]

If I told you a flower bloomed in a patisserie cafe, would you believe it? 

Elsa Li (ex The Observatory, Adriano Zumbo, and Merivale) together with Angela Wong have turned their dream into reality with this sleek all white tiny cafe called Petal Met Sugar, combining good pastries and desserts with fresh flowers - a few of my favorite things, on the ground floor of a new apartment in Woolloomooloo.

Stepping inside, the strong buttery fragrance floats in the air invites you to linger a little longer while admiring all colorful and beautiful flowers situated just next to the desserts cabinet.

From pretty finishing touches to lending an additional subtle flavours, this place's certainly proved that flowers aren't just for decoration. Currently they have 5 selections of sweets and will be offering more floral-influenced desserts once they have settled in a bit more.

Terrarium is simply a too pretty to be eaten masterpiece and definitely my favorite! This delicate and delightfully tangy panna cotta has both passion fruit and finger lime complementing each other in such positive harmony that it leaves you wanting for more. The cocoa nib soil, baby lemon balm and edible flowers add extra flavors and textures with the sweetness of the Callebaut 29.5% white chocolate balances out the overall tanginess.

Look at those Peach Oolong's luscious layers! The subtle and fragrant Lupicia Peach Oolong Tea brulee is gradually overtaken by the rich and tangy layers of yoghurt mousse and blood peach compote. It tastes almost like a smooth slice of peach yoghurt with extra sweetness from coconut macaron and coconut glaze. 

I always get excited everytime I see Eclair lies beautifully with its shiny glaze on a display cabinet. Filled with a deep amber coloured sour rhubarb jam and topped with vanilla bean creme patissiere and rhubarb chips, we unfortunately didn't really enjoy it very much as the choux pastry was quite dense for our liking.

Went here on another visit as we just couldn't get over it and ordered this breath-taking Chocolate Candy Bar! The base is a rich and creamy texture chocolate flourless sponge topped with burnt butter ganache and praline feuilletine. I love how the crispy feuilletine flakes adds a textural element to the fudgy ganache and the light and airy milk chocolate mousse makes it look extra luxurious! The addition of creme anglaise (only available if you dine in) gives you some extra fun as a drizzling sauce while enjoying this beauty.

Not just sweets, Petal Met Sugar also excelled in extraordinary croissant! Their light and flaky Vanilla Bean Croissant smells so highly fragrant with intense flavour and visually satisfying for being able to see the little black specks within the layers inside. 

Petal Met Sugar
Ground Floor, 68 Sir John Young Crescent, Woolloomooloo
Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 7am - 3.30pm
Saturday 8am - 5pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday 
Petal Met Sugar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Dessert Feast at Passion Tree - Chatswood

Passion Tree is the answer to my wish as we always think Chatswood is lacking of dessert options. Located above the station, this dessert house gives us a cozy feeling upon entering with its modern and white elements interior.

DONUT miss this! 5 Spots to Fix your Nutella Donuts Craving!

There's no reason not to love this super popular chocolate hazelnut spread.. Actually I don't think I've ever heard of anyone hating it (unless you have nut or chocolate allergy).. I could sit and devour the whole jar with a spoon as Nutella is pretty damn delicious on its own (Well, that's the case if I'm watching TV on my own.. LOL) or simply slab it on just about anything and it has that HUGE power to shake the world!

Dessert for Breakfast at Maslow's - Naremburn

After finishing their pop-up cafe in Pymble, Maslow finally re-opened their door to the public and Naremburn, a suburb in lower north shore of Sydney will become the next place for food enthusiasts to meet..

Let's Nomnom Top Healthy Eats in Sydney!

Yap! As much as I love to please my eyes and stuff my tummy with all the decadent foods we often see.. Sometimes all I really want is a healthy (and also yummy) meal especially during this winter season.. The colder it gets, the more I crave for comfort foods!

Healthy foods are not limited to mere salad bowls or raw fruits and not having desserts at all.. There is no need to eat bland and boring dishes since there are so many healthy eateries nowadays..

So, we've gathered the 12 best healthy eats in Sydney and here's what we've got for you..

Top 7 Croissants You Must Try in Sydney!

Who doesn't love croissant these days? In every bakeries, patisseries and cafes.. You can easily find this melt-in-your-mouth French staple whenever you are craving for it.. They all come in different textures and variations, from plain to ham and cheese, chocolate, almond and even Ispahan..

A perfect croissant for me should be made from a good quality butter, folded over and over to get those luscious layers.. It's hard not to indulge myself in this buttery and flaky treats whenever I see them laying gracefully inside the glass cabinet.. LOL! 

Teddy's Place - CBD [ Closed ]

If you walk along George St, you must have noticed this newly opened dessert bar called Teddy's Place.. 

Celsius Dessert Bar - Chatswood

Who doesn't love ice cream? I bet if I ask children and adults what's their number 1 comfort food, I am sure I'll get ice cream as the answer.. 
Either you lick it from a cone, scoop it from a bowl, eat it on the side of a cake or even coffee.. It definitely brings the sensation and an ultimate indulgence..

Bali's Little Secret Garden - Gardin Bistro

Lately in my FB account, I see many people are talking about couple of unique themed restaurants in Bali. I'm intrigued to open the link and read the article up until I see a familiar name, Gardin Bistro. 

I, then check into Mr. Nomnom's camera to see whether it's the same place we have visited before. 


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