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8 NEW Instagram-Worthy Cafe and Beach Club to Visit in Bali!

Time flies and we're now at the end of 2017! Sometimes I wonder where'd all the time go, what have I done this year, and most importantly, where shall I go to celebrate Christmas and New Year? 

Bali's Little Secret Garden - Gardin Bistro

Lately in my FB account, I see many people are talking about couple of unique themed restaurants in Bali. I'm intrigued to open the link and read the article up until I see a familiar name, Gardin Bistro. 

I, then check into Mr. Nomnom's camera to see whether it's the same place we have visited before. 


Fairytales do exist!

I guess I am overwhelmed with lots of photos we have captured since Mr. Nomnom moved to Thailand and especially during our trip.. In addition to that, couple of days ago, we noticed that our wedding trailer video has been uploaded!!!! I, of course, get distracted and can't stop replaying it days and nights! 

I promise to Mr. Nomnom, I will collect all my souls ASAP and start doing what I need to do and on the other hand, he will let me share a little bit of our "precious day" =D

Sunday, 21st September 2014 was an unforgettable day for us, especially me! We tied our knot in Bali at Samabe Resort and Anantara Seminyak Resort. We agreed to hold an intimate wedding and after a lot considerations, Bali was chosen as the perfect place!!

Here are some sneak peeks I really want to share ;)
They are all un-edited (Yes, I can't wait to see the final results!)

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