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Well.. I've said it many times to many people before but I'll keep on saying my love for MATCHA is unbeatable and it'll always be my no 1 over a good cup of coffee! 

Talking about caffeine boost in the morning, I still think matcha gives better benefits for a natural glowing skin (rejoice ladies!) and heaps of antioxidants linked to so many health benefits! Well, I'm not saying we need to give up coffee completely - since I also believe Mr. Nomnom doesnt plan to - but I guess give matcha a try (especially if you haven't) and you might be shifted to a worshipper in this whole new green tea world~ LOL!

As long weekend is just around the corner (Hello Anzac Day!) Here're my top 5 places (and still counting) you might want to try if you're in Melbourne or planning to visit anytime soon~

1. Operator 25 - CBD

This popular place is located at a nice, quiet street in the CBD. But don't let it hinder you from trying their Matcha Friand! It has a little crisp on the edge with a little dense, moist and fluffy on the inside. Served with grilled pear, macadamia, dark chocolate and berry sauce.. I love how strong the matcha flavor is and just goes well with the chantilly cream and the unexpected kick in acidity from the berries.

Not convinced yet? Don't worry! This place also has non-matcha dishes to choose from, how about some Balinese Pulled Pork Burger then wash it down with their Kaya Matcha Latte?

25 Wills St, CBD
Opening Hours:
7am - 4pm on weekdays and 9am - 4pm on weekend
Operator25 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

2. Bibelot - South Melbourne

From the same creative team behind Chez Dre, Bibelot (pronounced Bib-loh) is another sweet addition located next to its sibling cafe in South Melbourne. From gelato section with chocolate tap at the front to great array of delicacies and beautifully presented cakes, eclairs, macarons and chocolates - there are a lot to choose from, but this time I'll stick to my green tea theme. 

Start with this Green Tea Dome made with muscovado cream on the outside, there are layers of adzuki (red bean), black sesame brulee, green tea chiffon and green tea mousse on the inside. I'd say the green tea flavour is subtle but all the flavors work well together with extra crunchy texture from the toasted sesame crunch. It's simply a pleasure in every bite as I can tell Mr. Nomnom really enjoy it (he usually doesn't eat cake and definitely not a sweet tooth person). 

Pair it with Iced Matcha, served with their own Green Tea Gelato and sesame crunch and some macarons on the side. 

285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne
Opening Hours: 
10am - 6pm daily

3. Kuu Cafe + Japanese - South Melbourne

Still from around South Melbourne area, Kuu, a small and simple Japanese cafe served incredible Japanese food - let's talk about Japanese Breakky Platter, Katsu Sando, Ochazuke, and many more. Well, let's talk more about their Matcha Affogato, as it has successfully won my heart the moment I saw it on social media! A scoop of vanilla ice cream on a petite glass cup served with a small jug of thick and sweet matcha. The matcha tea has a nice intense flavor but Kuu's version is already pre-sweetened which I think some people might think it's a little bit too sweet.

As for their Matcha Ganache Cake, the texture is dense and a bit dry but the taste is nice, sweet from the white chocolate with a hint of bitter earthiness from the matcha. 

190 Park St, South Melbourne
Opening Hours:
8am - 8pm on weekdays and 9am - 4pm on weekend

4. Long Story Short Cafe - Richmond

Matcha Latte comes in different form at this place. It's served on a wooden board with a piping hot jug of latte and a white chocolate sphere in a cup. The sphere slowly melts as we pour the hot latte on it and overall the matcha flavor is quite subtle, milky, and predominantly sweet from the white chocolate.

10/53 Coppin St, Richmond
Opening Hours:
7am - 3pm on weekdays and 8am - 3pm on weekend

5. Shortstop Coffee & Donuts - CBD

Yes! Triple Matcha Donuts from Shortstop! You might not see this everyday at their Melbourne store, but they do bring it back for the new store's launch at Barangaroo, Sydney! Overall the matcha flavor is quite subtle but hey who can resist when you face this Matcha glaze, matcha white chocolate, and matcha cake donut combo?

12 Sutherland St, CBD
Opening Hours:
7.30am - 4.30pm on weekdays and 9.30am - 5.30pm on weekend

Well, I still have quite a long matcha list to go and simply cant wait for my next trip to Melbourne! In the meantime, where's your favorite matcha places, both in Sydney and Melbourne?

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  1. Hehe, can't say we're huge fans of Matcha here at FFS but it sure does look pretty! How entertaining are the spheres at Long Story Short??!!!

    1. Ikr! It was so much fun watching the sphere melted and revealed the little marshmallow~ I bet you tried the hot chocolate one since you guys are not huge fans of Matcha~


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