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Rhodes is having a major facelift with so many well built housing complex, the bridge and this new cafe called Left of Field! After looking at their menu, I think I get an idea why they named this place as it is - the food they offer is quite unusual especially in general Western Sydney area.

They have both indoor and outdoor seatings, the place is modernly decorated with high glass windows and ceilings with plenty of natural lighting and extra waterfront view when the surrounding construction has finished.

I've been eyeing their Hotcakes since the first day it appears on social media and building up my expectation as I keep hearing people raving about it! 

And YES The fluffiness live up to my expectation! 3 layers of airy and fluffy hotcakes smothered in earl grey custard with banana slices in between.. Well, I think I'll like this dish even more if they leave me with more custard for extra earl grey flavor and to cover some dry parts. The maple popcorn unfortunately wasn't crispy and quite soggy, I ended up scraping it to the side.

Moving on to the savory side, the Pork Burger has pig cheek crunchily coated in crumbs and served with kimchi slaw and fried egg. As a matter of preference, we find the schnitzel is a little bit too dry on the inside and somehow the smell is a bit too strong and revolting for our liking. BUT! The Pig Ear Fries comes to the rescue! Fried crispy, the inner cartilage becomes chewy and a pleasure for every bite.

I rarely order Fries when we go out (unless it's sweet potato!) but I'm glade I make an exception this time with extra pecorino and truffle oil, the fries shines with its crispiness but the comeback sauce steals the most attention. Now I wish they'd sell it separately as I need a partner for my chips and Netflix at home!

Left of Field

Shop 3, 7 Gauthorpe Street, Rhodes
Opening Hours:
7am - 4pm on weekdays and 8am - 4pm on weekend
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  1. They're now serving the hotcakes with more earl grey custard on the side, you'll have to go back!! We live 5 mins away so any-time you wanna go back let us know :)

    1. Hi Bianca!
      That's great to hear they serve it on the side now! Their early grey custard is so good~ Sure I will when we are around the area!


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