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About The Nomnoms!

Let's Nom-nom, a FOOD and TRAVEL blog, was first started in Sydney, Australia. 

Currently, we are located in SINGAPORE and definitely can't wait to meet new friends and try all the good food in this Lion City (Hello Singapore and nice to meet you everyone!)

As we like to travel and eat, Mr. Nomnom suggests that we need to make a diary to compile all food and places we have tried and seen as well as to give a good reference for all our friends, families, colleagues, and basically everyone out there. 

Since this is our diary, everything here is written according to our personal preferences and sometimes they might be different to other people. We always express our honest opinion whenever reviewing (including the good and the bad of every experience).

Please note that all meals are independently paid for unless stated.

Also, We would like to connect with you all and please don't hesitate to leave a comment on our blog. We would love to hear it from you =)

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All images posted in this blog is taken by © Letsnomnom and they shouldn't be used without any permission. If anyone wish to use the photo for commercial usage, please contact us at info.letsnomnom@gmail.com

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