The World's First TOKIDOKI Pop-Up Cafe! Can You Guess Where To Find It?

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Building on the success of previous collaborations with Cinnamoroll, Miffy, We Bare Bears, this time KUMOYA is partnering with TOKIDOKI to open the world's first pop-up cafe! From 29th March 2018 to the end of June, all Tokidoki fans will get a chance to spend time with their favorite characters in the quirky and colorful Tokidoki universe. 

Tokidoki (means "sometimes" in Japanese) is an internationally-recognized and iconic lifestyle brand based on the vision of Italian artist, Simone Legno and his partners, which from the very young age, they developed a deep love of Japan and with world cultures. Tokidoki has emerged as a sought-after global lifestyle brand not only known for its eye-popping aesthetic and criminally cute characters but also its extensive range of products which include apparel, handbags, accessories, toys, and more. 

You can expect a fantastic visual treat and a fun experience with Tokidoki's quirky and unforgettable characters! Plus you can also shop the official merchandise as well as take some photos with all the cute wallpaper and plushies just like what we did!

Now get your taste-buds ready as I'll show you the special menu curated and styled by the one and only Shirley Wong (also known as Little Miss Bento). It has everything from snacks to main courses to desserts and all of them are guaranteed to carry the cute Tokidoki character!

Let's start with this NEW menu and definitely one of my favorite, Japanese Crispy Chicken with Beancurd ($12.90+) served in a special edition Tokidoki snack holders with Kumoya's original sweet shoyu glaze. 

Next is their Truffle Fries ($11.90+), special hand cut fries tossed with parmesan cheese, infused with truffle oil, and served with truffle mayo dip. They also have Nacho Cheese flavor ($10.90+) and Sweet Potato Fries with sweet sour plum sprinkle for $10.90+. 

As for the mains, here we have the ever-popular Donutella & Sweet Friends Japanese Curry ($25.90+), dig into this teriyaki flavoured fluffy Japanese rice with Japanese curry, served with fresh tempura salmon, breaded ebi, breaded scallops, calamari rings, and fresh garden salad. When you order this, it'll also be served with Miso soup and side dish of the day (we had edamame, renkon (lotus root) chips, and corn).

This time, Tokidoki offers more quirky dishes to choose from and one of them is this Moofia-Protected Pressed Sushi Rice ($24.90+). Look at the super cute presentation of this pressed sushi rice! Served with grilled unagi in teriyaki sauce, Japanese cucumber and cheddar cheese - this dish will be served with special printed Moofia tray liner set that you can bring home if you want to, as well as miso soup and side dish of the day.

Your Tokidoki experience is not complete without trying their colorful and cute desserts! This eye catching Sandy's Desert Garden ($17.90+) welcomes you to the cactus land with Hokkaido berries soft serve and cookies and cream brulee. Not only that, the garnish is not complete without the chocolate rocks and flower, buttery SANDy cactus cookies, and fresh cream in cactus shape. 

A cute rendition of Kumoya's best seller dessert, Unicorno Rainbow Magic Parfait ($23.90+) is basically a special dual swirl of Hokkaido berries soft serve with handcrafted rainbow wafer bowl and served with rainbow wafer sticks, Unicorno cookies, homemade chocolate brownies, special heart konyaku jelly, fresh berries, fluffy cotton candy and rainbow cream to complete the magic.

Note that for every purchase of Unicorno Rainbow Magic Parfait, you can choose to receive a 4.5" Peperino or Marea plush key ring (worth $9.90) while stocks last! So cute right?!

Last but not least, Dolce Pretty-in-Pink ($18.90+) is the answer to your cake cravings. As pretty as it looks, this strawberry sponge cake is served with wafer sticks and fresh cream on the side, and fluffy cotton candy to complete the merry look!

Don't miss out on ordering their Frappes as all orders will be served with a free limited edition Donutella float. They have 3 flavors to choose from, Caramel Popcorn Frappe, Minty Chocolate Chip Frappe, and Strawberry Cheese Frappe ($17.90+). Donutella Mighty Mint Chocolate Chip Frappe is quite refreshing with a minty kick! The frappe is a mixed of green mint syrup with milk, chocolate chips and topped with fresh whipped cream and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chip. 

This one is called Donutella Sweet Treat Caramel Popcorn Frappe ($17.90+). If you're a popcorn lover then you might like this one as they blend popcorn syrup with milk and popcorn to make this frappe.  

Need some more magical drink to step up your Instagram game? Look no further and simply order this unique, sweet, and rainbowy Unicorno Cotton Candy ($17.90+). Sitting atop passion fruit, strawberry Calpis, and butterfly pea tea is the colorful and fluffy rainbow cotton candy. 

I hope after reading this, you'll wait no more and ask all your friends to join you on your Tokidoki adventure with Kumoya! Please also note that:
All prices are subjected to 10% service charge.
- Dining time is limited to 90 minutes and there is a minimum spending of $10 per person.

Kumoya X Tokidoki Pop-Up Cafe
8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore (MRT: Lavender/Bugis)
Opening Hours:
12pm - 9.30pm on Tuesday - Thursday and Sunday
12pm - 10.30pm on Friday and Saturday
(L.O 30 minutes before closing)


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