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Top 7 Croissants You Must Try in Sydney!

Who doesn't love croissant these days? In every bakeries, patisseries and cafes.. You can easily find this melt-in-your-mouth French staple whenever you are craving for it.. They all come in different textures and variations, from plain to ham and cheese, chocolate, almond and even Ispahan..

A perfect croissant for me should be made from a good quality butter, folded over and over to get those luscious layers.. It's hard not to indulge myself in this buttery and flaky treats whenever I see them laying gracefully inside the glass cabinet.. LOL! 

Salvage Specialty Coffee - Artarmon

Artarmon has been our best friend to hang out during weekend for the last 2 weeks. When we walked around the area near the Artarmon Station, we'd never think that there was a cafe down the little pedestrian walkway amongst the Japanese restaurants, convenience stores and bookshops.

Bali's Little Secret Garden - Gardin Bistro

Lately in my FB account, I see many people are talking about couple of unique themed restaurants in Bali. I'm intrigued to open the link and read the article up until I see a familiar name, Gardin Bistro. 

I, then check into Mr. Nomnom's camera to see whether it's the same place we have visited before. 


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