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Artarmon has been our best friend to hang out during weekend for the last 2 weeks. When we walked around the area near the Artarmon Station, we'd never think that there was a cafe down the little pedestrian walkway amongst the Japanese restaurants, convenience stores and bookshops.

It was crowded by the time we arrived there and all the tables are outdoors making an impression it's a weather dependent kind of cafe. The decoration and furniture have a recycled wooden feel.

We ordered latte to start with and we're quite surprised as our latte was served in quite different cup ;)
We also heard it that the barista here (Dan Yee) was awarded "Bonsoy Best Barista" of 2013 by SMH.

In terms of food, the menus is small with a few items being listed on the blackboard for breakfast or for lunch. All the breads and pastries are sourced from St Malo Bakery in Crows Nest. 

While waiting for our food, Mr. Nomnom felt like having something sweet and saw those "Cronuts" near the counter. There were only 2 flavours to choose from, glazed or cinnamon. 

Personally, we didn't really like the "Cronuts" as it was cold, soggy and greasy at the time we ate it. 

We saw quite a few people ordering their "Croque Madame", so Mr. Nomnom followed and got one too. There's a mix of smoky Black Forest Gypsy Ham, Gruyere cheese, creamy Bechamel sauce and Dijon Mustard all sandwiched and topped with a poached egg.

As for Mrs. Nomnom, she chose the Avocado on Toast! The sourdough was toasted evenly and very crunchy. The smashed avocado was well seasoned with pine nuts and herbs on top of it. The tomato was drizzled with oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds. It's a pretty simple dish but you can feel the freshness that came along all together! 

Overall, we can say that Salvage Coffee is a great addition to the North Shore cafe and it's proving popular with the locals. It's worth to try if you are around the area and don't be surprised with the limited outdoor seating available. 

5 Wilkes Ave, Artarmon
6.30am - 2,30pm (Monday - Friday), 7.30am - 2.30pm (Saturday), 8am - 1pm (Sunday)

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