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Kin by US - Macquarie Park

We know that there'll be a new cafe opens near Macquarie Shopping Centre.. But, we're still not sure what kind of cafe it will be.. UNTIL.. one day we saw some posters on their wall and "KIN by US" was written on it..

Still.. it didn't ring any bell at that time until we read an article talking about the couple behind "Kin Cafe", Uel and Shannelle Lim..

Brewristas - Glebe

We once heard about a place around Glebe area that's opened by someone who actually know about coffee.. So Mr. Nomnom was triggered and went to check them out last Saturday!!

Salvage Specialty Coffee - Artarmon

Artarmon has been our best friend to hang out during weekend for the last 2 weeks. When we walked around the area near the Artarmon Station, we'd never think that there was a cafe down the little pedestrian walkway amongst the Japanese restaurants, convenience stores and bookshops.

The Nomnoms' List - 5 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Bangkok!

What comes to your mind when you hear someone says "Bangkok"?
I guess most of you will think about SHOPPING, MASSAGE and THAI FOOD.. 
Don't deny it! ;D

But we actually think that there are much more surprises Bangkok can offer especially with their selection of cafes and coffee shops..

Here is a list of our 5 favourite cafes that are worth checking out!

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