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We know that there'll be a new cafe opens near Macquarie Shopping Centre.. But, we're still not sure what kind of cafe it will be.. UNTIL.. one day we saw some posters on their wall and "KIN by US" was written on it..

Still.. it didn't ring any bell at that time until we read an article talking about the couple behind "Kin Cafe", Uel and Shannelle Lim..

Yes!! The "sweet-newlyweds" couple from last year's series of My Kitchen Rules opened their first cafe, Kin, on the 25th February.. We love the way they decorate the place, it is airy and modern but also homey.. The light bulbs add that extra touch of coziness to the room..

As for the menu, the choices are more into Asian fusion ranging from Kaya Toast, Congee, Chicken Rice and Soft Shell Chili Crab..
We ordered latte to start with.. We heard that they're getting the coffee beans from Reuben Hills.. The latte was good and milky, but on our second visit, Mr. Nomnom felt his latte was not velvety enough, it's more like a thin milky coffee..

Since we live nearby, this place lately has become a spot to hang out with my friends.. On our X-th visit, I went here with Ms. M.. We ordered a Mocha and Crimson Berries Ice Tea to start with.. I love my mocha! The bold flavour of the coffee was mixed well with the chocolate.. But, Ms. M didn't really like her ice tea.. She said it's too plain and it would be better if they put some berries or fresh fruits to bring more flavour..

As you scroll down the menu, you'll not miss out the Affogato part.. where Durian's printed on it! 

We tried both flavours.. The vanilla one tasted like the usual Affogato.. I know.. it's so mainstream.. But it's a different case with the durian one, it surprisingly went well with the espresso.. The durian ice cream had a strong smell, which I like it, and I could also taste bits of durian flesh in it.. 

I love their cups! Not to mention because it's blue color.. But I feel like the cup brings more Asian-feeling to their cafe's concept.. In the end, I forced Mr. Nomnom to capture the pouring moment with more focus on the cup~~ LOL! 

Kaya toast with homemade coconut jam is rarely seen on Sydney's brunch menus.. It's a lightly toasted white bread with sweet kaya spread on top.. You can add extra "onsen egg" if you want to..

We felt like they could improve more in the future by adding a little bit of melted butter on top and also provide more bread varieties to choose from (since not everyone is a white-bread eater)..

Another all day breakfast menu we tried is Congee.. It's chicken rice porridge with onsen eggs and pork floss. Not to forget, a piping hot congee is not complete if it's served without its partner, a chinese doughnut (cruller).

On our third visit, finally we got the chance to order this Waffle Belly.. It's caramel and soy sauce marinated pork belly served on a potato pancake with red cabbage, mushrooms and onsen egg..

I got mixed review from some of my friends who have tried this dish.. Some said it's too salty for their liking.. Some said the flavour's too plain.. The others said it's damn delicious.. Personally, I am not a pork fan so I'll leave the judgement to you and if you don't mind.. please share it to me once you've tried it!!

This beauty is called Miso Yummy.. It's miso salmon served on a sourdough with two onsen eggs and sesame spinach ball on the side..

I like how well the miso went with the salmon.. It was cooked at the right timing.. The meat was so soft and melted in your mouth.. The sesame spinach ball added more flavour and texture to the dish!

I'm not trying to be fussy here but this one in my opinion would be a perfect one if it's served warm.. Unfortunately, it was quite cold when it arrived on my table.. 

Kin has some dishes that are only available from 11:30 am, and this is one of them.. 

The Sub-marine is basically a huge deep fried soft shell crab served inside a brioche with some chili sauce underneath.. Judging from its size, you can actually share this dish if you want to.. 

When we read "chili" on the menu, we thought it would be the kind of chili sauce you find in Singaporean Chili Crab.. But, after tasting it, we felt hint of curry in it.. It reminds me of our favorite Curry Crab when we were in Bangkok..

Snap Crackle Plop!

It's chicken rice topped with chicken crackle and onsen egg! Yes.. there's no poached chicken to eat with in this dish.. The smell of chicken stock and ginger will kick your palate as soon as they arrive on your table.. Talking about the saltiness level, I guess it's back to your own personal preference.. Some said it's too salty while the others said it's a wonderful combination.. 

It's been a week since they opened to the public and we believe that they will keep on improving and introducing new dishes in the future..

Please note that during weekend (in this case, Saturday only) this place becomes very busy.. Last Saturday, we saw lots of people were queueing for their table.. I think it's better for you to call ahead and book a table so that you won't wait too long.. And.. if you want to try both all day and lunch menus.. It's better for you to come at 11:30 am!! =D

Address: 2 Saunders Close, Macquarie Park
Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 3 pm
Phone: 0412 603 868 (for booking)

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