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Korean drama has a huge contribution to my eating preferences.. The longer I watch, the more I am craving for Korean food.. Lately I was watching "Kill Me, Heal Me" and we ended up eating Korean food for a whole week! LOL! 

What to do when you don't feel like having K-BBQ but you are craving for Korean food? 
Korean DUMPLING is the answer!! For me, it's a comfort food for all weather condition whether it's scorching hot or freezing cold.. It's satisfying and suits all age groups!!

I am going to share you one of my favourite place, The Mandoo. 
I heard that this is a family business and the one in Eastwood is their second branch (their first restaurant is located in Strathfield)!!
Well.. I always go to the Eastwood branch as it's closer to where I live.. LOL!! It's located in the Rowe St (the Korean side).. and definitely close to the well-known Jean's Chili Chicken.. So, if you walk a bit from there and you see Aldi.. The Mandoo is just next to it!
Their menu is simple and pretty straight forward.. You can choose bun or dumpling.. Hot noodle soup (kalguksu) or cold noodle (naengmyeon) or even dumpling soup!! 

Mr. Nomnom's favourite is the Pork and Kimchi Dumplings.. They are quite big in size and filled with kimchi, meat and some glass noodles..
All dumplings're made on the site and the service has always been friendly.. I love how they reminded me to steam their dumpling for at least 10 minutes if I ask for a take-away~~
While.. Mrs. Nomnom loves their Prawn Dumplings.. This one has no kimchi and they put a prawn, meat and the glass noodles as the filling..
If you are a deep-fried-fans.. Don't worry! They also have the Deep Fried Dumpling (shown in the picture above).. But actually we feel like the steamed one left more impression from the first bite compared to the deep fried one (the deep fried one is oily in my opinion.. LOL)
Lately the weather was a bit chilly and their Dumpling Soup had definitely become my comfort food.. 
You can choose one from three soup bases, the one I like is their Bone Marrow Soup.. It's a milky beef bone soup that's made by boiling down beef bones for several hours until the broth becomes rich and creamy white..
You'll get 2 pork and kimchi dumplings, 2 original pork dumplings (no kimchi), rice cakes and some slices of beef.. It's a good option if you want to try both dumplings without having to order 2 portions~~
Ps: They only serve kimchi as their banchan (side dish).. But.. I really love their kimchi.. it's got that fresh crunch with not-so-spicy kick and pleasant in your mouth as you chew it more..
As for their Cold Noodle (Naengmyeon).. It's a long and thin noodles and usually served cold.. 
The noodles are usually made from buckwheat or arrowroots but in here, they made it out of wheat.. It's refreshing but I feel like it's not kicking me enough.. I prefer my noodle to be more chewy (I feel like noodle made from buckwheat or arrowroot are more chewy) and the broth is not cold enough for my liking as I prefer an icy broth~~
If you don't like cold noodle.. You can also order their Hand Chopped Noodle (Kalguksu).. It's served hot.. and the same it goes, you can choose your soup base to go with your noodle..

So readers, please tell me what you think about this place.. Just leave some note in the comment box below.. And I will be more than happy to read it ;D

Address: 62-80 Rowe St, Eastwood
Monday to Sunday 11am to 9pm

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The Mandoo on Urbanspoon
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  1. I've heard a feww good things about this place, should check it out next time!

    1. Yeah.. I feel like their eastwood one is sort of bigger than the strathfield one.. I usually go to the eastwood store.. I really like their mandoo.. Especially during this cold season.. Lol try it then let me hear what you think.. 😉


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