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Many of my friends know that I don't really like eating rice, especially white rice.. I prefer bread to rice if I have to choose.. But it will be a different case if you're talking about sushi.. 

If you ask me which sushi restaurant I like the most.. My answer will be.. SUSHI TENGOKU!

We used to live in Eastern Suburb when we were in uni and during that period we'd heard a lot of buzz, mostly from UNSW students and locals that Sushi Tengoku is the place to go if you're after fresh sushi and sashimi around the area.. and.. YES! as a sushi-fanatic, this place has been our favourite since then..

After being abroad for more than 2 year.. We're back in Sydney and this place's automatically listed in our "to-be eaten' list! Last weekend we went here after having a late lunch at Brewristas (read our post about Brewristas here). There's not much different in regards to the exterior of the restaurant. 

As we entered, they changed the interior slightly from what we've remembered. They re-painted the wall and changed the seating arrangement. Overall the decoration's still plain and simple with nothing fancy. They still have the open kitchen to let you watch the chefs preparing the order.

Their menu (including the order form) is still the same. You just need to fill out and write the desired quantity you want to order then pass it on to the waiter.

We're still too full from our late lunch so unfortunately we couldn't order too much.. We ordered their Soft Shell Crab Thick Roll, Aburi Salmon and Aburi Scallop.

A closer look of the Aburi Salmon. 

This's Mr. Nomnom's favourite!! As you can see the size of their salmon fillet's extra large.. As they flash-grilled the fresh salmon, you can taste the smokiness as well as the chewiness texture of the raw salmon. The sweet soy sauce and mayonnaise definitely bring sensation to your palate.

After the Aburi Salmon, you can't miss the Aburi Scallop.. The scallops were fresh and juicy.. It melted in our mouth~~

This BIG maki is our favourite and a-must-order dish on the menu! A whole big soft shell crab's deep fried then rolled inside together with the fish roe, avocado, lettuce and dressed with Japanese mayonnaise. 

For some people, this sushi is just an ordinary one as many as other places can serve.. But there's an unique appeal from Sushi Tengoku that is irreplaceable! From its massive size, the crispiness of soft shell crab to the creaminess of the avocado and mayonnaise.. All of these elements become a harmony and satisfyingly filling~~

Please pay attention to their CASH ONLY policy and the opening hours as the only open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner starting from 5 pm. We think that it's better to call ahead to book a table because if the restaurant gets very busy (especially during peak hour), we often see people come in and told to wait outside until there's a table for them.

Apparently, they started opening for lunches also on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 11.30 am to 3 pm. You can choose from their five bentos (Bento Kensington, Bento Sashimi, Bento Chirashi, Bento Mix and Bento Unagi) and the price starts from $13.. 

We'll review their lunch bento soon.. Stay tuned!!

Address: 121 Anzac Parade, Kensington

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