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We once heard about a place around Glebe area that's opened by someone who actually know about coffee.. So Mr. Nomnom was triggered and went to check them out last Saturday!!
Brewristas is located on Glebe Point Road.. You can take the bus if you don't feel like walking (like we did as we're both starving... *excuse*) The shop is right across from the Weekend Market but there is no sign board. So, if you see a small black door with "Brewristas" printed on the window on top of it, you're on the right place~~

As we entered, we could see a coffee machine set up on the shop front with selection of pastries and sweets alongside the counter. 

This place is quite large in my opinion as you can choose to sit by the window or along the dimly-lit corridor or even at their large outdoor seating space. I feel like the outdoor area is nicer as it's away from the hustle bustle of the busy road. 

The menu itself is quite interesting for us as it offers more drink than food options. Luckily Mrs. Nomnom had done the research so we knew exactly what we're going to have.. LOL

Sensory Lab's blend is used for their milk-based coffee. Mr. Nomnom had a classic latte while Mrs. Nomnom went over her comfort zone to try one of the Brewristas' hand crafted cold drip coffees. 

Faced with 3 choices.. Cold Brew, Brewtea (cold drip coffee with cold drip tea) and Brewmonade (cold drip with homemade lemonade).. Mrs. Nomnom finally decided to try their "Brewmonade".. 

Actually this is my first time drinking the Cold Brew.. I'm not an expert as I usually drink tea.. But after trying... I felt like the taste was light, sweet and refreshing..

This menu has caught my eyes from the moment they were introduced on Instagram.. Kevin's Balls are a-must-order when you visit this place.. It's a deep fried ball filled with roasted pork belly, tofu, kimchi, sweet potato and coated with Korean's favorite Shin Ramyun.. 

The spicy roasted pork belly inside was juicy and gave you the Korean flavour burst while the sweet potato added the sweetness to bring the harmony inside your mouth..

Another menu with Korean infusion is called Porky Pig's Hotteok.. Talking about Hotteok, we've tried it before when we were in Seoul and fell in love straight after we tried it.. We knew that Hotteok is basically a sweet pancake and now seeing it being used as part of Brewristas' way of "Bacon and Egg Roll" excites me even more.. 

The combination of honey-jam-filled-Hotteok with bacon, runny poached egg, spicy guacamole and zesty mango habanero mayo were perfectly complement each other.. It was sweet yet tasty combination and it had successfully impressed us.. 

There's always room for dessert and to satisfy our sweet tooth.. We ordered their Tiramisu Pot Plant.. The ladyfingers were soaked in the perfect amount of Sensory Lab's espresso and combined with the delicate dollops of mascarpone mousse.. It's light and airy, yet moist.. Not to mention for the Oreo-shipper..This tiramisu's covered with generous amount of Oreo's chocolate dirt.. So there's another reason for you not to miss this dessert, right?

Address: 73 Glebe Point Road, Glebe (accross Glebe Weekend Market)

Monday - Friday: 8am - 2pm (brunch), reopens 6pm - 10pm (desserts & coffee)
Saturday: 9am - 12am
Sunday: 9am - 9pm

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