Bali's Little Secret Garden - Gardin Bistro

Lately in my FB account, I see many people are talking about couple of unique themed restaurants in Bali. I'm intrigued to open the link and read the article up until I see a familiar name, Gardin Bistro. 

I, then check into Mr. Nomnom's camera to see whether it's the same place we have visited before. 


Thinking about it now, I'm grateful I insisted Mr. Nomnom that time to actually grant my request to visit this bistro. At that time, we needed to catch our flight back and he said we had no time for another stop.. But.. Surprise surprise.. 30 minutes was spared!! Woohooo!!

Once we entered, the ambience was so perfect! It's a gothic glasshouse surrounded by all the greeneries. 

We visited this place around afternoon and we didn't feel hot at all although we sat in the glass area. 

Since I was in hurry, I directed my eyes straight to the cakes display.. Lots of choices and it took some time to decide which one I wanted to try.. I wanted every single thing but of course Mr. Nomnom wouldn't agree with me.. LOL

Finally I made my mind!! I chose Green Tea Brulee since Mr. Nomnom and I are "green tea addict" and tried one of the staff's recommendation..

The staff's recommendation was actually their signature dish.. It's a triangle-shaped sticky rice with mango filling in it. It was light and delicious!

Mr. Nomnom's beverage choice was called " Gardin Delight" - It's one of their popular mocktail made up of fresh melon, cherry, caramel and milk. While me, I chose a healthy juice made up of carrot, apple and orange.

A closer look of their Green Tea Brulee~~ 

30 minutes passed in a blink of second and it's time for us to kiss this place goodbye *drama queen mode on*

I promised myself that there will be a second, third and so on.. visits and it will be during dinner and supper time. I imagine myself gazing at the stars (if there is any.. LOL) and enjoying the gentle luminescence of the hanging lamp =D

Picture's not mine. Taken from Google.
Address: Jl. Petitenget no.106 – Seminyak


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