Santorini Park in Cha-am, Thailand

I told Mr. Nomnom that I would like to go back to Santorini with him one day. Until 1 month ago, he told me he found a place in Thailand, called Santorini Park. I was surprised to hear that it's located in Cha-am, about 3.5 hours ride from Bangkok. Guess what?? I agreed to him straight away! Ha!

Santorini Park is basically an amusement park that resembles the white washed buildings of Santorini in Greece where shopping, food and art are integrated. 

For me personally, I saw it as "Photo-session" theme park. LOL

Although this place is not too big, every single corner is very photogenic. I could say that because we couldn't really stop pressing our camera button from the moment we stepped in.

Please wear lightly and don't forget to at least bring sunblock, sunglass, umbrella and everything that can shield you from the sun. We spent around 3-4 hours exploring and ended up with "tanned" body. 

 Robo crasher!! You have to buy tokens for 2 people if you want to play

There're many small alleys within this park. It does create a kind of labyrinth effect

Since it was my birthday on the day we visited this place, Mr. Nomnom said we should have a Birthday Photo Shoot.. I said YEAYY!!

Oh! There's a GIANT ferris wheel but we didn't ride it since the weather's very hot and we were sweating a lot

Artsy sculpture I might say??

Even a candid photo looks good in here ;D

For Mr. Nomnom and I, this area is the coolest in Santorini Park. It's Santorini Park's TOILET! Look at the sink.. it's too pretty!!!

You can't really leave Santorini if you haven't seen the windmill right?

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm.  Sat 9am – 9pm.  Sun 9am – 8pm.
Admission Fee : 50 Baht per person
Address: 555 Moo 3, Khao Yai Sub-district, Cha-Am District, Petchburi 76120

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  1. Hello ... Mau tny , transportasi dari bangkok ke sini bisa nya by apa ya? Taksi mgkn ? Brpan ? Ini nama lokasi asli nya apa ya krna cari di google alamat nya tidak d temukan.. Thx info nya

    1. Halo Fransiska..
      Kemaren itu si kita sewa mobil.. Jadi dari Bangkok sekalian ke Amphawa Floating Market and main ke Huahin.. Soalnya udah sekalian jalan.. hehe.. and lebih ekonomis in a way.. =)

      Otherwise kamu bisa juga main ke Sheep Farm di sebrang nya sih.. tapi kemarin itu kita engga visit.. soalnya di Huahin nya juga seru..

      Kalo kamu copy paste alamat diatas ke google map.. ketemu kok =) dia 1 lokasi juga sama Santorini Water Park nya..

      Cek #mrnomnomBangkok and #mrnomnomHuahin di Instagram kalo kamu butuh rekomendasi makanan..

  2. hai sist, boleh nanya dong, kebetulan ada rencana mau ke situ juga n sekalian mampir ke hua hin.
    maaf kalo boleh tau waktu itu sewa mobil ny dimana, tarif harian atau pake jam? n kena berapa? thx :)

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