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Hong Kong: The 10 MUST EAT In This City That's All About Eating (and Shopping)!

With Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, all that matters now is being with your loved ones and enjoying this festive season to the fullest! Well, it's usually the time when you are full of happy thoughts planning to go somewhere cooler for a winter wonderland fiesta. Think about seasonal festivals, wintertime-only activities, and so on and on and on..

Hong Kong may not be your first destination of choice, but between the mild weather, the so-called food paradise, and the overflowing ads for end-of-year-sale, this city can be one of the best places to get a dose of holiday spirit!

Conquering New Zealand's South Island! CHRISTCHURCH and surrounds MUST EAT & VISIT Edition!

Kia Ora!

We just returned from our winter trip and I have missed all the breathtaking natures at every corner we went.. Only approximately 3 hours by plane from Sydney, this gifted land with all the picturesque and nature's wonders can be a perfect escape plan for all type of travellers.. 

Santorini Park in Cha-am, Thailand

I told Mr. Nomnom that I would like to go back to Santorini with him one day. Until 1 month ago, he told me he found a place in Thailand, called Santorini Park. I was surprised to hear that it's located in Cha-am, about 3.5 hours ride from Bangkok. Guess what?? I agreed to him straight away! Ha!

Santorini Park is basically an amusement park that resembles the white washed buildings of Santorini in Greece where shopping, food and art are integrated. 

For me personally, I saw it as "Photo-session" theme park. LOL

Although this place is not too big, every single corner is very photogenic. I could say that because we couldn't really stop pressing our camera button from the moment we stepped in.

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