Hong Kong: The 10 MUST EAT In This City That's All About Eating (and Shopping)!

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With Christmas and New Year's just around the corner, all that matters now is being with your loved ones and enjoying this festive season to the fullest! Well, it's usually the time when you are full of happy thoughts planning to go somewhere cooler for a winter wonderland fiesta. Think about seasonal festivals, wintertime-only activities, and so on and on and on..

Hong Kong may not be your first destination of choice, but between the mild weather, the so-called food paradise, and the overflowing ads for end-of-year-sale, this city can be one of the best places to get a dose of holiday spirit!

After our last trip to Hong Kong, we often get asked for any recommended places to eat there. So without further ado, here are our Top 10 Hong Kong Favorites to help you explore around this gourmet city! 

This HK-style cafe is commonly found and the name, literally "Tea Restaurant", means they're usually known for tea drinks, especially the MUST ORDER HK-STYLE MILK TEA. Their fast and highly efficient service bring me closer to experience Hong Kong's hectic lifestyle where you also have to eat as quick and efficient as you can.

Australia Dairy Company (ADC)
Most popular for its soft, creamy, fluffy, moist Scrambled Eggs. Go for the set meal if you need extra carbs as it comes with macaroni soup during breakfast time or spaghetti with your preferred choice of meat during lunch and afternoon tea-time. 

Finish your meal off with their Cold Almond Steamed Egg Custard and Cold Steamed Milk Pudding. I like the former better as you feel like eating egg tart with a hint of almond in the form of velvety smooth pudding. 

Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
Address: 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong (MTR Jordan)

Opening Hours: 7.30am – 11pm (Closed Thursdays)

Capital Cafe
If you love everything truffle - then go to this place for their Black Truffle Scrambled Egg ToastTexture wise, I like ADC's version more, but who can resist the truffle smell and ohh that temptation! 
Their Wasabi Pork Chop Bun is another thing to order if you need variation. Thickly cut, crisp, well marinated and simply goes along with the wasabi mayo inside the lightly toasted bun. Another iconic dish served usually at Cha Chaan Teng is HK-style French Toast - think thick slice of soft milk bread covered in egg batter, fried to golden brown, served with butter and all-you-can-pour syrup.

Capital Café 華星冰室
Address: Kwong Sang Hong Building, 6 Heard Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (MTR Wan Chai) 
Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm

Kam Wah 
Very well-known for their freshly baked Polo Bun. Also known as Pineapple Bun because of its resemblance, this soft bread with sugar cookies crust on top is served fresh from the oven every 10 minutes with thick slice of butter sandwiched in between the warm fluffy bun. 

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳
Address: 47 Bute St, Prince Edward, Hong Kong (MTR Mongkok)
Opening Hours; 6.30am - midnight daily

Tsui Wah Restaurant
The largest Cha Chaan Teng where you can easily find their branches everywhere you go. Their menu is quite huge and tourist-friendly, you can choose from their top 10 signature dishes. Food overall is just okay for me - more towards convenience as they open 24 hours.

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠華餐廳
Address: Various locations - check here
Opening Hours: 24 hours Daily for certain locations

Hong Kong is famous for its yum cha culture. Served in small portions on either small plates or bamboo baskets with Chinese tea, you can't miss it whenever you travel to HK!

One Dim Sum
I bet Tim Ho Wan will be the first one that pop up in your mind. But do you know that One Dim Sum also earned their one Michelin star back in 2012?
Their menu is simple and basically they have all the usual dim sum choices made fresh, tasty, served steaming hot, and definitely super affordable! The place itself is quite small and you can definitely expect a long queue (ps: people had already formed a queue outside before it opens!) 
Don't forget to try their Char Siu Chan Bau aka Baked BBQ Pork Bun (different version to the THW one) - a savory, slightly sweet filling inside the well baked fluffy bun. The juicy and flavorful Steamed Minced Beef Ball aka Ngo Yuk Kowe, the airy-light-and crispy Fried Dough Stick aka Dan San served with crushed peanuts, coconut flakes, and drizzld with sweet condensed milk can't also be forgotten!

One Dim Sum
Address: Shop 1&2, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong (MTR Prince Edward)
Opening Hours: 11am - 12.30am Monday to Friday and 10am - 12.30am on the weekend.

Tim Ho Wan 
This place doesn't need any more introduction as the cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant in the world (although I still think One Dim Sum is cheaper). A little bit of background, in 2009, Chef Mak Kwai Pui (ex head dimsum chef at Four Seasons Hotel) opened his first Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant and definitely captured everyone's heart with his now-super-popular-BBQ Pork Baked Bun. THW has couple of outlets but I heard that their Sam Shui Po outlet is the only one left with the "star". 

Tim Ho Wan 添好運
9-11 Fuk Wing Street, Sham Shui Po (MTR Sham Shui Po)
Opening Hours: 8am – 9.30pm daily

Everybody loves noodles! Who among us doesn't love it? 

Mak's Noodle
This place is one of the oldest and most famous shop serving authentic Wantons and Wanton Noodles. Portion size is quite small but each bowl is guaranteed with thin QQ noodles - firm and springy! Cooked into perfection with alkaline taste in each bite and accompanied by wantons stuffed with pork and shrimp, I can see why people are always lining up in front of the store.

Mak's Noodle
Address: 77 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm daily

Tsim Chai Kee
If you still can eat more (I bet you do), you have to join the queue across the road for another bowl of Wanton Noodle. Fret not, Tsim Chai Kee offers you a different approach with its 3-in-1 Toppings NoodleThe huge Shrimp Wanton has plump and juicy king prawn stuffed inside, the huge house-freshly-made Fish Ball is tasty and fresh - it is soft but chewy at the same time! The last but definitely not the least is the generous amount of tender Beef Slices.

Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记
Address: 98, Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 9am – 10 pm daily

Kau Kee Beef Brisket Noodle
I must say this place is considered a must-go for every single tourist judging from the crowd lining up in front of the store any day and any time (some even bring their luggages). Heard that the place itself has been there for more than 90+ years selling Beef Brisket Noodle and its variations. Try the clear but so rich in flavor Beef Brisket In Broth with E-Fu Noodle and/or if you can handle spicy food - the Beef Tendon Noodles in Curry. 

Kau Kee 九記牛腩
Address: 21 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong 
Opening Hours: 12.30pm – 10.30pm Monday - Saturday, closed on Sunday

Yat Lok Roast Goose
This place made it to the Bibs Gourmand list back in 2011 for their quality cooking and good value. The skin is thin and crisp, the meat is succulent and as the Roast Goose is also cooked in its fat - it oozes with flavor, sinful and yet so hard to resist.

Yat Lok Restaurant 一樂燒鵝Address: 34-38 Stanley St, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 10am - 9pm Monday - Saturday, 10am - 5.30pm on Sunday

Joy Hing Roasted Meat 
Heard that this place is also listed under the cheapest Michelin-recommended Siu Mei (Roast Meat) restaurant in the world. Loved by locals and even recommended by the celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, for their BBQ Pork/Char Siew, Roast Duck/Shao Ya, and Soy Sauce Chicken.
Their service has put us off (we decided to "dapao" and eat in our hotel room
Their most popular dish is called Three Treasures Rice (Saam Bou Fan) where you get roast pork, chicken, and duck piled on top of your rice - It's good, but not that spectacularly mind blowing.

Joy Hing Roasted Meat 再興燒臘飯店
Address: Chong Hing Building, 265-267 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 10am-10.30pm Monday - Saturday, closed on Sunday

Egg Waffles, also known as Eggettes is a popular street food you can easily find in HK. Cooked in a special mold, this is just perfect as a snack-on-the-go!

Lee Keung Kee Egg Waffles
Go to their Tsim Sha Tsui outlet if you don't have any plan around North Point area. I'd say this place has the best texture I've ever eaten - crispy edges, eggy taste, soft and yet chewy with half hollow centre - this is the best example for a classic egg waffles. 

LKK Egg Waffles
Address: 178 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: from 11.30am Monday - Saturday and from 12.30pm on Sunday

Mammy Pancake
If you prefer something other than the original flavor, then Mammy Pancake can offer you the modern take on Egg Waffles with their various flavors and toppings. Think about Banana Chocolate, Black Sesame, Chocolate Chip, Pork Floss, Green Tea and Red Bean, and many more.

Mammy Pancake
Address: 8-12 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm daily

HK egg tarts can easily be found in Yum Cha places or other Chinese bakeries. Slightly different to the Portuguese style, the custard filling has to look smooth and shiny with strong eggy taste, and texture wise must be soft and moist.
Tai Cheong Bakery
If you like cookie-based (my favorite!) tart, Tai Cheong Bakery has the best egg tart with strong buttery flavor, fragrant and crumbly melt in your mouth. Otherwise, Honolulu Cafe will please you with their flaky and crispy pastry base.

Tai Cheong Bakery
They have more than 20 outlets, check their website here to see the address and the opening hours
Honolulu Cafe
Honolulu Cafe
Address: 176-178 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 7am - 11pm daily

If you are a matcha lover or simply love japanese desserts, you might want to check these places out

Via Tokyo
If you don't feel like travelling all the way to Causeway Bay, Via Tokyo has their second outlet located at Tsim Sha Tsui and please be prepared to queue (as always). For me, every single thing Via Tokyo has in their menu, be it Soft Serve, Cheese Cake, Swiss Roll Cake, Parfait, Latte, and so on - they're always on point and strong in flavor! One visit is definitely not enough - I can guarantee~

Via Tokyo
TSS Address: 29 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
CWB Address: Shop 1A & 1B, Lei Shun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 12pm - 11.30pm daily

Nakamura Tokichi
The moment I heard my favorite Kyoto tea brand has opened a store in HK - I simply can't miss it! Please expect a long queue (and long waiting time) if you want to dine at their cafe - they do have both savory and sweet dishes, but I prefer the latter. Do try their Matcha Green Tea Jelly
They also have a take-away shop selling some of their tea products and confectioneries, Soft Serves, and Tea Beverages.

Nakamura Tokichi
Cafe Address: Unit 3005-9, 3/F, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Take-away Shop Address: Unit G06, G/F, Miramall, 118 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 12pm - 9pm daily

8. Cheese Tart vs Croissants
If you feel "Bake" cheese tart is too rich for your liking, then you might like Hanjuku Kobo! The tart base is crisp, the smooth cheese mousse filling is light but still creamy with less strong cheese taste (try their Green Tea Cheese Tart too - this one is my fave!)

Hanjuku Kobo
Address: 6A Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 12.30pm - 9pm daily

Urban Bakery Works is the pioneer of Salted Egg (Liu Sha) Croissant before it becomes the flavor-of-the-year here in Singapore. But the one attracts me more is their Ball Law Cowsant, a marriage between HK Polo Bun and Croissant! Try the Crab Lagoustine Croissandwich with Curry Emulsion if you want something savory and quite different than the usual (served cold).
Ball Law Cowsant with Salted Egg Yolk, Crab Langoustine Croissandwich, Original Ball Law Cowsant
Urban Bakery Works
Address: various locations, check their address and opening hours here

Butao Ramen is another favorite of mine, they offer 4 types of ramen + Special-of-the-day-ramen: the original Butao King with tonkotsu base, the Italian inspired Green King (basil and parmesan cheese ramen), the Black King with squid ink broth, and the Red King with spicy miso. 
The tonkotsu broth is so on point - thick, hearty and creamy! Their noodle is thin with a nice chewy bite and you can also customize your ramen order to your liking. Do try their Black King if you like strong and distinctive flavor as they add house special black sauce and black ball (made with black garlic, squid ink, and minced pork) to your bowl!

Butao Ramen
Address: various locations, check their address and opening hours here

For die-hard Hello Kitty fans, this world's first Hello Kitty Dim Sum shall not be missed!
They have other HK-inspired Chinese dishes as well, but I just stick to their dim sum as they have the cutest look! Stick to the rule of thumb (don't expect much from the taste) and get ready to squirm with delight at these kitties!

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine
Shop A to C, Lee Loy Mansion, 332 – 338, Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (MTR Austin)
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm daily

I hope you enjoy reading this post and please let me know if you have other must-eat places in Hong Kong! I'd definitely love to expand this list with your suggestion too =)

Last but not least, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the best of the best of 2017 for everyone!
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  1. I'll be located in Tsim Sha Tsui so I will be making continuous stop overs at Hanjuku Kobo because those egg tarts look so good! Yet Lok Roasted Goose sounds mouthwatering, these are awesome recommendations!

    1. Hello!

      Hanjuku Kobo is a cheese tart actually =) Go for Tai Cheong and Honolulu Cafe for egg tarts.


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