Paddy Hills - South Buona Vista Road

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Weekend brunch is now considered the casual meal for regular social event. From youngsters, dating couple, to family with kids - they all like to do brunch! It's all about getting together at the latest newest place, looking for mouth watering dishes you might want to feature on Instagram, even when you are not a foodie~

I asked my friends for their favorite place to get Oz food fix, and most of them said Paddy Hills - what a coincidence! This place has already been in my go-to list for their Instagenic dishes~

I'd say this Aussie-inspired cafe is quite a cozy place to sit down for a long chat with its rustic interior with a combination of wooden furniture and brick wall.

We came in the late afternoon and despite of its location surrounded by quiet housing area, inside was bustling with people - lucky for us, we got seated right away~

Soft Shell Crab Croissant - $24
Let's be real.. Who doesn't love Mac and Cheese? With creamy, gooey, and milky cheese sauce, it's so irresistible when eaten with the crumbly green soil and crunchy soft shell crab on top. The squid ink croissant was flaky and light and the "hidden" sauce under it gave another different yet tasty flavor. 

Dino Egg - $19
Looks like a huge (dino) egg nestled in the grass, but it's actually a deep fried chorizo scotch egg. The sausage meat was quite dry for my liking and I actually prefer soft-boiled egg with barely set yolk to go with. Served with crispy shredded potato nest, rocket salad, and dressed with pink yoghurt - the overall taste was still too dry and crumbly.

As we need to live a well balanced life, sweet Berry Muffcake was needed to indulge our sweet tooth after all the savory affair. The muffcake was crispy on the edge and fluffy on the inside. Served with vanilla bean ice cream squares, chocolate crumbs, and popping pearls - the fresh berries balance the sweetness with its fresh and tangy flavor.

Overall, I like the fact that their food reminds me of Sydney brunch! I haven't tried all the dishes as the menu is quite huge - but definitely can't wait to go back and try the others!

Paddy Hills
38 South Buona Vista Road (nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa)
Opening Hours:
10.30am - 5pm and 6pm - 9.30pm on weekdays
9am - 5pm and 6pm - 9.30pm on the weekend


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