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Gudetamatama .. Gudetamatama ..
Gudegudegudetama ..

Wait no more! Gudetama Cafe will open its door to the public on the 30th of November (soft opening)

Gudetama CafĂ© Singapore is a joint venture between two local food brands, The Soup Spoon and Joe & Dough. Also working together on the food styling and co-creating the menu with them is the award-winning bento artist, Shirley Wong aka Little Miss Bento!

If you don't yet know, Gudetama is Sanrio's latest as well as one of the most popular mascot that looks like a shiny, yellow egg yolk character with bleary eyes and a sighing mouth. Be it in the form of sunny-side-up, boiled, poached, sliced, as an omelette and even as a sushi, Gudetama is always whiny and unmotivated - simply say Gudetama is so lazy (gude-gude in Japanese). 

Gudetama Water Fountain in Garden area - will be fully operated by its grand opening in January 
The main dining room and garden area are so cozy and fully decorated with Gudetama elements, from egg shell chairs, egg carton common table, sunny-side-up table, Gudetama dining mat, napkins, and so on! GUDETAMA IS JUST EVERYWHERE!

Without further ado, let me show you some of the dishes they offer on the menu:
"I'm Cold" Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict - $26.90
Poached eggs with smoked salmon over mashed avocado on brioche toast drizzled with yuzu hollandaise sauce and served with seasonal greens.

Rib-"I" Don't Care (200g) - $28.50
Chargrilled NZ grass-fed Angus Ribeye Steak topped with creamy wild mushroom sauce and cute mashed potato, served with grilled vegetables on the side.

Gudetama Lobster Onsen - $16
Luscious lobster bisque in a crusty bread bowl with runny poached egg inside, served with seasonal greens. This soup has a rich and distinctive shellfish flavor but the texture is a little bit watery and grainy for my liking.

Eggcited Cajun Chicken with Waffles - $23.90
Well-marinated and tender grilled Cajun chicken with sunny-side up egg on top, served on a buttermilk waffle and seasonal greens on the side.

"Shiok" Pork Ribs - $38.50
Slowly cooked and tender St. Louis style pork ribs served with crispy fries, grilled corn, and garden vegetables on the side. Looking for the sauce?Gudetama is so lazy to move around but rest assured the smoky BBQ sauce is safe and sound on the inside

The Lazy Surfer
Pretty sure this one is scotch egg served with crispy noodle nest and sauce inside Gudetama sauce container.

Big "Nua" Breakfast
Moving on to the dessert:

TA-MA-GO - $17.90
Looks like super kawaii sushi, but it actually cheesecakes coated with rice puffs and topped with sponge that looks like an egg (or tamago in Japanese), served with matcha curd "wasabi" and maple syrup "soy sauce". 

For me, the sponge feels a bit dry and to enjoy it to the max, you have to eat it with all the elements, otherwise it might taste a little bit bland. 
Shoyu Ramen - $21.50
You aren't looking at ramen - this is Ramen Cake! Chocolate mousse cake with Feuilletine (foo-ye-teen) for a contrast crunchy texture, topped with chestnut montblanc, earl grey jelly "shoyu broth", and orange tuile. Served with panna cotta paired with sweet rose tea on the side. 

For me personally, the jelly texture is a bit too solid and the earl grey flavor is also too subtle. As for the chestnut montblanc, I know it has a very light taste and the chocolate mousse might have overpowered it. 

Actually this dish is the one I'm so looking forward to try it! So, I think just a little bit of improvement will totally turn this dessert into a star =)

Last but not least, Gude Pudding - $16.90
Jiggly caramel flan served with premium vanilla soft serve, caramelized bananas, apple crumble and a crisp sesame orange tuile.

Here are the drinks:
Mash-Cha, Straw-Very Lazy, and Hula Hula
They offer varieties of drinks, such as coffee (do order their Cafe Latte if you want to see a cute gudetama art), Hot Tea (Sweet Rose, French Lavender, Summer Berries, Peach Garden, Camomile, Tangy Pomegranate, or go for the Iced Tea Coolers (Straw-Very Lazy - strawberry infused rose tea spruced up with lychee and blueberries and Hula Hula - Mango infused rose tea topped with fresh strawberries)

Overall, I can't really say which one is my favorite since I haven't tried them all. But all I can say for now is the food here is definitely "Insta-wise" and tastes quite decent despite of public skepticism that cute stuff never tastes good. 

Another thing that I like is the fact that Gudetama speaks local language! Some of you might have realized Gudetama says "nua" (means lazy in Hokkienese) most of the time and "bo chup" (means couldn't care less).

So, are you now egg-cited to join the queue when they open tomorrow? I will definitely be back to try other dishes and please let me know how you like it if you have the chance! Don't say bo jio~

Gudetama Cafe Singapore
Address: Suntec City Mall #01-361 (West Wing near Suntec Convention Centre)
Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm (Monday - Thursday) and 8am - 10pm (Friday - Sunday) Last order 9.30pm
Nearest MRT Station: Promenade/Esplanade

-Let's Nomnom came as a guest of The PR Salon. Thanks for Gudetama Cafe and the team for the warm service and hospitality. All opinions here are our own and independent-


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