Top 10 All-Time Favorite Eating Spots in Sydney!

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Hello everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA these past few months! Things have changed recently and due to work and other commitments, we now find ourselves settling in Singapore, the Lion City! It was fun with all the new, interesting, as well as the cultural shock we have experienced here. One thing that surprised me more is the fact that I find myself using a "lah" and singlish here and there in less than 24 hours after landing! LOL! 

Also known as one of the best food cities in the world, I must admit I have started missing some of my favorites already! So, without further ado.. Here they are:

1. DEVON CAFE - Surry Hills & Barangaroo
I'd say Devon Cafe has become a must-go place whenever you visit Sydney as all my (overseas especially) friends always ask about this place and their "Insta-wise" dishes. Yes yes I know the feeling when you simply want everything on the menu but your stomach has limited space. 

Talking about my personal favorite, Breakfast with The Sakuma always has a special place in my heart t- juicy and tender grilled king salmon, runny egg, and not to mention the crispy smoked eel croquette!

Their French Toast, Donuts, Cronuts, and even Soft Serve will never bore me as the flavors keep on changing. You can expect flaky cronuts that hold the filling inside nicely, warm fluffy french toast with ice cream on top, creamy soft serve with extra fries to dip in, and so on and on and on - well I'm drooling while writing this!

Devon Cafe
Surry Hills Address: 76 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills
Barangaroo Address:  Shop 19, 200 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo

Began as a little corner store in Surry Hills, BSB are now all over the place! What do I like most from this place is their flaky crust, tasty and aromatic filling Pork and Fennel Sausage Roll! Not to mention their Almond Croissant (read more about my fave croissant place here), Tarts, freshly brewed coffee or eve pre-made Iced Coffee/Chocolate for something rich!

Check their locations and opening hours here 

3. FLOUR AND STONE - Woolloomooloo
I am used to eating Lamington, but this place change my paradigm! If you have never heard of a lamington before, it's actually an Australian cake - simply saying it looks like squares of sponge cake coated in chocolate sauce and desiccated coconut. 

Nadine Ingram and her masterpiece, Pannacotta Lamington, has successfully converted me into a shipper. Vanilla sponge soaked in pannacotta with berry compote centre and coated in dark chocolate and flaked coconut - so moist, so delicious!

Not only Lamington, her other creations also can't be missed like this ultimate flaky, buttery crust and a perfectly spiced Apple Tart! Also the Raspberry Brulee Tart, Chocolate Raspberry Buttermilk Cake, Croissants - well I simply love every single thing they have in store!

Flour and Stone
Address: 53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo
Opening hours: 8am - 4pm, closed on Sunday 

4. Black Star Pastry - Newtown, Rosebery, CBD

This place has no need for introduction as the famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake speaks for itself! Light almond dacquoise, fragrant rose-scented cream, fresh watermelon in the centre and prettily garnished with strawberries, pistachios and dried rose petals - this all in one piece of cake is what I need in my sweet life. 

Black Star Pastry
Newtown Address: 277 Australia St, Newtown
Rosebery Address: C1 85-113 Dunning Ave, Rosebery
CBD Address: The Galeries Level 2, 500 George St, Sydney

Everyone has different opinion, but for me Zumboron (the way we call his macarons) is still one of the best with crisp and smooth top and proportionate filling ratio. Now if you ask me what's my favorite flavor.. It's Salted Popcorn!

Check all the locations here

6. SHORTSTOP Coffee and Donuts - Barangaroo

Before they open a store in Sydney, Shortstop already has loyal followers (ME!ME!ME!) for their donuts! Freshly made throughout the day, whether it's their raised or filled or cake donuts - they are all fluffy and I can simply eat 3-4 donuts in 1 go (been there done that - don't judge me please =D). If you ask me what's my no 1 favorite among all those flavors, I'll say their Australian Honey & Sea Salt Cruller! Airy, Crisp on the outside, hollow in the middle, sweet and yet salty at the same time. 

Shortstop Donut
Address: Shop 3, 23 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo
Opening Hours: 8.30am - 4pm on weekdays and 9.30am - 4pm on weekend


This is the place where you won't be judged for eating with your hand (good bye table manners!) as well as to set your rib gluttony free if you're looking for one of the best ribs in Sydney. Some might like their Pork Ribs more, but I always go for their Beef Ribs with Sweet Potato Fries! Go for the Rib Platter if you can't simply decide where you can get half racks of beef, lamb, and pork all in one plate. Overall, their menu is varied and can also cater for the non-red-meat-eater, at any age with any dietary requirements. 

Check all the locations here
Ps: (Just a suggestion) Try to avoid the express one as I find the rib taste and flavor a bit lacking.

8. RYO's NOODLE - Crows Nest & Bondi 

Talking about someone's favorite is actually a subjective topic. But one must agree if you see a ramen place with a constant queue (expect longer waiting time during peak hours), you can agree with the regulars (ME!) that this place is one of the best ramen in Sydney!

Their Tonkotsu broth is Kyushu style, intensely thick and flavorsome made from slow cooking the pork bones and fat. Go for their Tokyo Soy if you want ramen on the lighter side. My own personal favorite is their Special Ramen (please note it's not on the menu, just ask the staff for it) which basically is a combination of the soy-based and the spicy Tonkotsu soup with a side of crispy, juicy, and tender Chicken Karaage.

Ryo's Noodles
Crows Nest Address: 125 Falcon Street, Crows Nest
Bondi Address: 106 Ebley Street, Bondi Junction
Opening Hours: 12pm - 2pm, 5pm - 9pm (Monday - Sunday, closed on Wednesday)

Cabramatta, a suburb in Southwestern Sydney that should be visited if you are looking for some of Sydney's best food spots.. Read more about my eating spots recommendation here !


14 years after they opened their first store in Darlinghurst, Messina is still standing strong and can now easily be found everywhere! Everything is still made in-house and by using real ingredients, they have the full-bodied taste and texture in every flavors they have in store. For me personally, my best combination will be their Pistachio and Macadamia Crunch! Some might say their Apple Pie, others might say their Pandan & Lychee, but I swear my loyalty to those delectable nutty treats!

Check all their locations here

Although it's time for me to bid Sydney goodbye (for now), I'm also glad for the opportunity to explore the Lion City and to meet and make friends with new people along the journey. 

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