Top 7 Croissants You Must Try in Sydney!

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Who doesn't love croissant these days? In every bakeries, patisseries and cafes.. You can easily find this melt-in-your-mouth French staple whenever you are craving for it.. They all come in different textures and variations, from plain to ham and cheese, chocolate, almond and even Ispahan..

A perfect croissant for me should be made from a good quality butter, folded over and over to get those luscious layers.. It's hard not to indulge myself in this buttery and flaky treats whenever I see them laying gracefully inside the glass cabinet.. LOL! 

As there are lots of good artisan bakeries here.. We're going to list all croissants we've ever tasted while embarking on a journey to find the best croissants in Sydney..
Ps: The list is still in random order =)

1. Flour and Stone, Woolloomooloo

Everything in this place taste so good I must say!! Not only their Oomphazing Panna Cotta Lamington or their famous delicate Apple Tart.. Flour and Stone's croissant steals everyone's heart with its visible, delicate layers and buttery texture.. The filling is irresistibly smooth and had that perfect ratio with the crispy layers on top..

Don't forget to also try their Pain Au Chocolat, it's filled generously with three sticks of Valrhona Chocolate! 

53 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm and Saturday 8am - 4pm

Flour and Stone on Urbanspoon

2. Brasserie Bread, Banksmeadow

Who doesn't love bread? As soon as I stepped into this place, I couldn't stop pointing my fingers to each bread and pastry I saw! A trip to Brasserie is not complete without their light and fluffy Sourdough Pancakes, Croque Monsieur (or Mademoiselle with egg on top) and their amazing caramelised Garlic Bread! But this time.. I'll only talk about their croissants~

All the time I spent to travel paid off with their Award-winning Croissant! From the first bite.. It's so buttery and soft with the crispy and flaky exterior.. They practically melted in your mouth with all that finest quality butter! Try their Pain Chocolat if you want to enjoy the indulgent filling of dark Belgian chocolate..

I was so lucky to get this last piece of Almond Croissant! You could tell from the photo it has those flaky crispy yet buttery layers and it's double-baked with a sugar syrup glaze and toasted almond slivers on top.. The frangipane cream was rich and velvety with the right level of sweetness.

1737 Botany Road, Banksmeadow 

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 7am - 3pm and Weekends 8am - 2pm

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3. Bourke Street Bakery

Another all time's favorite is the Almond Praline Croissant from Bourke Street Bakery.. The queue never diminishes outside the store as these boys surely know how to bake their goods (they have 8 stores as of now).. Not to mention their Pork and Fennel Sausage Roll, Sourdough loaves and tarts, their square shaped croissant is truly addictive too! 

Check their closest stores and opening hours at

Bourke Street Bakery on Urbanspoon

4. Brickfields, Chippendale

Brickfields is another hidden gem in Chippendale area... The aroma of freshly baked goods will tickle your nose as soon as you enter this cosy bakery and cafe.. Go for their Ham and Cheese Croissant if you feel like something savoury to start with.. Otherwise you can opt for their Almond Croissant.. It's light and flaky with generous amount of flaked almonds on top.. Be sure to come early if you don't want to miss out their baked goods!

206 Cleveland Street, Chippendale

Opening Hours:
7.30am - 3.30pm weekdays and 8am - 3.30pm weekend

Brickfields on Urbanspoon

5. La Renaissance, The Rocks

When I learn the fact that La Renaissance is selling more than 1000 Almond Croissants each week.. I am sure they're making it clear it's one of their speciality on top of their croquembouche and other delicious cakes.. The outer part was slightly crunchy and buttery with a soft, almost cakey consistency on the inside.. The frangipane filling was sweet and an irresistible overflow for sure..

Their Ham and Cheese Croissant is another favourite too.. Filled with house mixture of creamy bechamel sauce, leg ham and crusty cheese on top!

47 Argyle Street, The Rocks 

Opening Hours:
8am - 6pm daily

La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie on Urbanspoon

6. Ganache Patisserie , Castlecrag

Didier Sockeel, formerly from La Renaissance, is the man behind this French patisserie in North Shore area.. His croissant is always sold out before noon everyday and after doing a bit of reading, I called ahead and asked them to keep this one for me! Yeay! 

His croissant is probably the closest thing to a traditional almond croissant I've ever found (Originally it's a way to sell some left-over from the day before).. It's soft and had that cakey core with a slight crispiness on the outer top.. The frangipane filling was intense, abundant and moist where it thoroughly greased the takeaway paper bag.. 

I was attracted to his Pain Au Chocolat when I came to pick up my order.. Look at that beautiful delicate layers with good quality dark chocolate filling in the center! I couldn't stop munching and I finished without realising it! LOL!

85 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

Opening Hours:
7.30am - 5.30pm Tuesday to Friday
7am - 3pm on Saturday and 7.30am - 2.30pm on Sunday

Ganache P√Ętisserie Francaise on Urbanspoon

7. Croquembouche Patisserie

Unfortunately,there'd be any photo of their almond croissant here as I accidentally flattened it when I took it home.. =( In our opinion, Croquembouche's almond filling is too heavy and sweet for our liking, but if you really have sweet tooth.. I think you'll like it! 

They currently have shops in Bondi, Botany and Randwick.. You can check their address here..

Opening Hours:
The opening hours for each store is varied, but they start early from 6am and close around 4pm in general

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I heard some good reviews about croissants from Victoire in Rozelle and La Banette in Glebe too, but I haven't actually been there.. I will update this list as soon as I try them later =D

So now, what about you guys? Have you found the best croissants so far? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below and I'll gladly respond you back!

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  1. Hi Try my Croissants at Profiterole Patisserie in Guildford. Made with pure butter daily.
    We have Plain, Feta cheese and Oregano just to name a few. I will be starting Almond Croissants soon as well done the traditional french method.

  2. Hi Try my Croissants at Profiterole Patisserie in Guildford. Made with pure butter daily.
    We have Plain, Feta cheese and Oregano just to name a few. I will be starting Almond Croissants soon as well done the traditional french method.

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