Indulge in Lao-Thai's dishes at Green Peppercorn - CBD [ Closed ]

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I always think that Thai cuisine offers unusual and intriguing treats.. The way it looks, how it smells and the unique blend of spicy, sour, sweet, salty and citrus tastes.. All those different elements and complexity bring a harmonious finish on our palate..

Green Peppercorn is one of Mr. Nomnom's favourite place to eat Thai food in CBD.. Every time he dines there, I always hear good reviews about it! So, when our overseas friends came to Sydney, we chose nothing but this place to meet up! Yeay!

Located above Civic Hotel across the road on Pitt Street in World Square.. Green Peppercorn has a modern open dining space with unique ornaments like Thai golden statues and even a real size tuk-tuk!

Our orders came pretty quick and this Banana Flower Salad (Soop Ma Pi) was my favourite! Banana flower is the buds of the banana plant which are thinly shredded and tossed together with crunchy cashew nuts, tender fried chicken, coconut cream and aromatic dressing and spices.. It was fresh, creamy and definitely fully flavoured..

I could tell this Salt & Pepper Calamari was so crispy from the moment I saw it on our table.. The calamari was tender and  gave you the tongue-searing heat as it's served straight out of the fryer.. It's fried to a light golden crunch and served with Mum's Special Sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce..

Having curry is a must whenever we are eating Thai food.. This time, we ordered Roast Duck Red Curry (Gang Ped Yang).. The duck was roasted to perfection, resulting in succulent meat with crispy skin.. The red curry was mildly spicy and creamy with the addition of cherry tomatoes, pineapples and lychee gave the sweetness into the curry in a perfect harmony..

Thai-style grilled chicken is one of the classic Thai dishes you can find easily.. Green Peppercorn marinated their chicken with a special Lao-style sauce and grilled it over a charcoal BBQ, resulting in juicy meat with that smoky aromatic flavour.. 

I have never found a Crispy Pork Knuckle as part of the menu in Thai cuisine before, but Green Peppercorn made a twist and served it in Thai-style sauce.. It was an incredibly big piece of tender, juicy, flavoursome and fragrance meat with tasty crunchy crackling!

Choosing which desserts we wanted to order from the extensive menu surely took our time.. LOL! My mouth wanted every single thing in the menu but my tummy didn't allow it!

Pandan Brulee is a must order I could say.. The pandan flavour blended well in the rich and smooth texture of the custard.. The crackling sugar top exactly defined what a brulee was and emphasized the delicacy of this dessert..

Coconut Lava Crumble won my friends' heart that night.. Layers of coconut jelly with creamy and velvety but not too sweet vanilla custard was eaten together with the buttery macadamia crumble and rich mango sorbet.. All these different elements and texture blended really well when you ate it all in one scoop.. 

388 Pitt Street, Sydney (Above Civic Hotel, Level 1)

Opening Hours:
For lunch: Monday to Sunday 12pm - 3pm

For dinner: Monday - Wednesday and Sunday 5pm - 10pm , Thursday to Saturday 5pm - 11pm

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