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We once heard about Pu'er from a news we read when they first opened to the public around 2 years ago.. I learnt that Siev Gour, its owner, travelled extensively over the last 4 years to China and Hong Kong in search for the perfect dim sum..

It's actually fascinating for us to see a dim sum house that really provides a unique tea experience from their extensive selections while pairing it with the unique dim sum and tasty dishes..

I love how those decorative lanterns give an extra oriental feel to this place..

The interior gives you an oriental but modern look with those floral lights, wooden tables and some Chinese porcelains..

We ordered their tea to start with as I was so looking forward to the tea ceremony.. I ordered Premium Lion Hill Longjing while Mr. Nomnom chose their Tea Infusions, Mango Phoenix..

I could say having tea in Pu'er is beyond what most people usually do.. Instead of pouring hot water in one go and left them in a big teapot.. Here, the tea is served in a small pot where you pour the hot water in and leave it for 3 minutes before pouring the first tea infusion into the small jug.. 

We were told to enjoy multiple infusions (up to 6 times) and tasted the different characteristics of each one.. Mine, the Premium Lion Hill Longjing was smooth and fragrant.. It had that freshness and soft taste but it's too delicate for my liking.. As I prefer a thick and rich infusion, I might want to try their Tieguanyin and Pu'er collections next time..

Mr. Nomnom's Mango Phoenix was fresh and sweet.. The mango taste was intense and successfully refreshed our taste buds between each meal..

Our first meal was the Spicy Prawns from their Tea Steamed Dumplings section.. 
It had that bright red skin colour and stole our attention as soon as they arrived on our table.. This Cantonese style dumplings were filled with a mixture of chili marinated prawn and baby bamboo and wrapped in a lightly chili pastry.. 
If only they made the skin thinner, this dish would be even more awesome in my opinion! =D

This was our first time seeing a Crispy Har Gow in a dim sum menu and there's no reason not to order this one if you are curious, right? LOL!
The prawn was succulent and juicy but I found the skin was a bit hard instead of crunchy when you bite it..

We then chose Hong Kong Mini Burgers and Wagyu Tacos from the Street Food Sections..

Hong Kong Mini Burger was one of Mr. Nomnom's favourite dish! The panko crumbs provides a nice crunchy crust to the tender pork and together with the house smoked chili paste, hoisin sauce and baby cress inside this crusty golden mantao.. One portion is simply not enough for both of us (Mr. Nomnom ate all 3 by himself!) 

Wagyu Tacos came out prettily in a sweet fluffy Chinese taco bun or I shall say Gua Bao.. The 9+ Oakley Ranch Wagyu Beef was super tender and rich in flavour with perfect balance of spiciness. All of these were seriously in harmony inside our mouth!

This Three Cup Drunken Duck was the highlight of our meal! It's a must-order if we could suggest! The slow-cooked process gave the meat the most fabulous texture and aromatic flavour.. It fell off the bones effortlessly and meltingly tender for sure..

Pu'er slow-cooked their Shandong Chicken first before deep-frying it. It's tender and had that golden crispy skin but the meat was a bit too bland in my opinion.. The sauce was good.. It's thicker and sweeter compared to the others we have tried before..

Yes!! There's always room for desserts!! We ordered Lemongrass Pannacotta.. It came with tea-smoked watermelon and black sesame soup. The pannacotta was silky and creamy but the lemongrass taste was very subtle especially when you ate it together with the black sesame sauce.. 

I have never thought a Chocolate Brownie would go along with Salted Palm Sugar Ice Cream.. But Pu'er proved me wrong! Their dense and moist brownies was rich in chocolate flavour and not overpoweringly sweet.. The salted palm sugar ice cream gave an Asian twist to this plate with a perfect balance of sweet and salty that gave the zing when you ate all the elements together!

We could say that Pu'er is a sophisticated modern-Asian hangout that lies in between street eats and fine dining.. We had a wonderful lunch time and enjoyed all the highlights from the menu!

20a Danks Street, Waterloo

Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 12pm - 3pm for lunch and 6pm - late for dinner
Saturday - Sunday: 12pm - late

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Let's Nomnom dined as guests of Pu'er and we would like to thank Siev Gour for the invitation!
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  1. I loved the wagyu tacos! All the sauce on it was just so good!

    1. Me too!! I love how tender the beef was and with the fluffy bun and the sauce.. It's sooo gooodd!

  2. I absolutely love this place! Every dish was so delicious and had it's own burst of flavour! yummmmmmy!

    1. I am so agree with you!! I absolutely love this place.. If only Waterloo were not that far.. I would definitely eat there every week.. Lol!


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