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What will come up in your mind when I mention about "incinerator"?
Will you think it of as a burner? An old Building? Or an abandoned place filled with material ashes? 

It might be true in some cases but the one we saw in Willoughby had totally different vibe! Old wooden benches with some umbrellas welcomed us as we entered the area and this unique thing (it's actually a lift!) caught my attention for sure!

Jonathan Slingo is the responsible man for the transformation of this 1930's Walter Burley Griffin designed Willoughby Incinerator Building.. He created such a lovely cafe where you can also sit outside if you want to soak up the sun while watching your kids run around the lawn.. 

Display of pastries to choose from while you're waiting for your food to arrive.. 

There's no reason for me not to order their Bircher Muesli, especially when I heard its also one of their speciality.. It comes with passion fruits, orange and toasted nuts on top of the soaked muesli.. Surely it tastes fresh, light, not too sweet and definitely creamy..

Mr. Nomnom, being a meat-eater chose their Sweet Potato Rosti with side of Pork and Fennel Sausages.. The rosti was soft and offered you a burst of pure sweet potato-ey flavour.. The sausages and Haloumi worked really well to balance out the rosti sweetness, resulting in a harmonious combination in your mouth.. If only they made it crispier, this would be the perfect dish of the day for Mr. Nomnom.. LOL!

2 Small Street, Willoughby

Opening Hours:
7am - 4pm daily

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  1. what a beautiful venue! i love the sound of the sweet potato rosti

    1. Yes.. I was captivated by the beauty of it! The sweet potato was nice and filling in my opinion tho. LOL


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