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We love trying new food and exploring new places.. But! It never crossed our mind that we would one day try and actually fall in love with Afghan Cuisine.. =D

I became interested in Afghan food after Mr. Nomnom's first visit to Khaybar.. He went there once with our friends and went home with all the positive reviews.. So, I told him if our friends asked us to eat there.. There's no way I would say NO! LOL!

We started with this Bulanee.. It's a stuffed turnover style Afghan flat bread.. This one is filled with chives, spring onions and herbs called Bulanee Gandana and we also ordered Bulanee Kachalu (the other version filled with mashed seasoned potatoes and spring onions).. 
In my opinion.. The chives one taste like the Chinese version of scallion pancake while the potato one is somewhat like the milder version of Indian's Paratha.. 

Buranee-Badenjan is one of the dish that Khaybar is proud of.. It's sauteed eggplant and tomato topped with some mint, spices and yoghurt.. 
I was stunned by what I saw in front of me when this plate arrived on our table.. I don't really like eggplant but I love this dip surprisingly!! It's rich in flavour and went along well with the freshly house baked bread,Naan..

I love their Naan bread!! It arrived fresh fluffy and warm after being baked in a tandoor oven.. I'm obsessed with bread and this one is definitely listed in my top bread category!!

Mantu was highlight of the dinner and a MUST ORDER for me! 
It's a chopped lamb mixed with herbs and onions DUMPLING that is steamed and topped with chaka (drained yoghurt sauce) and sauteed ground meat with peas in tomato based sauce.. 
From the outer appearance, they were certainly in contrast with others but the tastes complemented each other and went together so well.. 

Morgh Tikka is small bites of boneless chicken meat marinated in a blend of fragrant spice mix and then grilled in the Tandoor until tender, succulent and beautifully flavoured.. It's delicious on its own or you can eat it with a choice of challaw (white rice) or pallaw (seasoned rice) or bread..

The other skewer we ordered was their Kabob-E-Kobeda.. It's seasoned minced lamb on skewers and also served with a choice of challaw or pallaw rice or bread..

We also had their Lamb Qaboli Pallaw.. Qaboli Pallaw is considered as Afghan national dish where Basmati rice is cooked in herb broth (I'm pretty sure cumin is used in the combination) which makes the rice brown and topped with carrots, raisins, almonds and pistachios.. 
The lamb was very tasty and tender.. The combination of herbs were wonderful with the sweet savoury addition of raisins and nuts made this dish unique and distinctive..

64 Auburn Road, Auburn

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday 12pm-10pm

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