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Lately the weather has gone wild! Non-stop heavy rain plus the gusty winds and broken umbrella have successfully convinced me to postpone all plans.. I'm left with nothing but cleaning our camera.. As I go through the old photos I realise I have forgotten to post this ramen joint.. LOL!

With the cold weather start dampening our spirits.. We're all in the mood for a comfort food.. What would make it even better to have a hot bowl of ramen and some deep fried chicken to warm our belly?

Yasaka Ramen's motto is quite catchy in our opinion.. No Ramen No Life.. It's almost everyone's go-for-dish if they're looking for something delicious and comforting especially in cold weather.. 

We chose to sat at their Japanese Bar seating arrangement (on the first floor) so we could see all the chef's actions.. =D

We ordered their Egg Ramen with Shoyu soup base, topped with Chashu, Spring Onion, Bamboo Shoots and Kakuni as an extra topping.. 

The Tonkotsu (Pork Bone) soup was simmered for long hours and seasoned with their special soy sauce paste.. You could taste the collagen and surely it was rich in porky flavour and quite thick in our opinion.. 

We heard that the ramen chef, Takeshi Sekigawa, used to work at Gumshara as Chef Mori Higashida's apprentice.. That explained why Mr. Nomnom felt this one was quite similar in taste but not as thick as the Gumshara one.. 

They also made their own noodle and you could watch them being made from the front window.. It had that springy chewy texture, not too firm or not too soggy which was perfect!

If we could suggest, their Kakuni (Braised Pork Belly) is a MUST extra-ramen-topping order! Juicy chunks of pork belly is simmered in soy sauce until tenderly melt in your mouth and glazed with all the flavours that will burst in every single bite..

Fried chicken, whether it's Taiwanese, Korean or Japanese is one of our favourite foods of all time.. This Karaage Chicken was well marinated, coated in potato starch and deep fried until crisp.. The inside was juicy and flavourful (I think they're using the thigh part as the breast will usually be dryer) and the outside had the light crispy crust on it..

126 Liverpool Street, Sydney

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday 11.30am - 3pm and then 5pm-10pm

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