Celsius Dessert Bar - Chatswood

Who doesn't love ice cream? I bet if I ask children and adults what's their number 1 comfort food, I am sure I'll get ice cream as the answer.. 
Either you lick it from a cone, scoop it from a bowl, eat it on the side of a cake or even coffee.. It definitely brings the sensation and an ultimate indulgence..

Living in North Shore.. I am now beaming with joy and happiness, knowing that we have our own liquid nitrogen gelato bar!! If you go to Chatswood, upon exiting the train station.. Just turn to your left and you'll simply notice this pastel mint colour dessert bar from a far! =D

I realised Nitrogen ice cream has made a comeback and become a trend nowadays.. Dippin Dots introduced it previously in the form of pre-made small pellets ice cream.. But the current trend now is more on the "show" where people can watch it being made on the spot with all the smoke from the liquid nitrogen gives you the whimsical feeling~~

We went here on one fine Saturday and were welcomed by Jennifer and Irene's warm and bubbly greetings.. They shared some stories of how their love for food leads them to this fresh-looking dessert bar~

Jennifer told us that their flavours change according to what's in the season as they only want to use the freshest ingredients.. No more excuses left for not getting cups and cups of their luscious gelato right??

Coffee O'clock is seriously a must order especially if you're coffee lovers~~ They use Melbourne-sourced Clement beans and Nutella that are crafted to allow the fullest expression of intense flavours.. The addition of sweet salty yet crunchy candied almonds truly bring this flavour up to the next level~~

Why is liquid nitrogen gelato so good? The flash freeze (in 15 seconds or less) plays a major role here.. The milk and water particles don't have time to grow into ice crystals and that's why you get the smoothest and creamiest gelato ever.. 

These two are Celsius's current specials.. Tweetie Sweetie and Watermelon Splash.. 

I used to think sweet corn only works as a topping but Celsius proved me wrong with their Tweetie Sweetie.. It is made from combining real sweet corn with blackberry coulis.. It has a soft delicate texture, is milky and sweet.. The richness of blackberries complement each other really well which will have you licking your spoon for more.. 

Celsius is bringing back their Watermelon Splash this week.. It's watermelon and raspberry sorbet with crunchy honeycomb on top.. We always think that watermelon is irresistible in any form.. It's light and refreshing.. It has a beautiful vibrant colour and most importantly it's a perfect choice to satisfy your sweet tooth after a full meal..

FYI.. Jen and Irene told us they are now in the process of perfecting their soon-to-be autumn specials.. It's Burnt Butter Gelato with Apple Pie Crumble!! I can't wait for it!!

I do agree with their statement.. Happiness is truly here.. And we'll be back for trying more and more of their flavours ;D

Kiosk 4, Chatswood Bus Interchange
436 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Opening Hours:
Monday to Wednesday 6.30am - 8pm
Thursday - Friday 6.30am - 10pm
Saturday 2pm - 9pm


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  1. Looks great, more liquid nitrogen places are welcome!

    1. Yeah.. Have you tried it? I really love their coffee o'clock.. Its definitely for coffee lovers.. Not too sweet.. And light in my opinion especially as a dessert after a big meal.. Lol


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