Dessert Feast at Passion Tree - Chatswood

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Passion Tree is the answer to my wish as we always think Chatswood is lacking of dessert options. Located above the station, this dessert house gives us a cozy feeling upon entering with its modern and white elements interior.

This place is spacious inside with the ceiling being decorated with hanging chairs. Serving Bingsoo, Honey Bread and Waffles, Passion Tree differentiate themselves from their patisserie sibling, Passion Tree Velvet at Macquarie Centre.

You won't miss this cabinet filled with various flavours of macarons and cakes! Got a tough choice? I totally feel you but don't worry as the team is so attentive and friendly when we ask them for recommendation. LOL!

We started with this Original Honey Bread, it's white bread toast topped with light whipped cream, drizzled in honey with combination of almond flakes and berry jam topping. The bread itself was thick but soft on the inside.

Another thing that we really wanted to try was their Waffles and this yummy-looking one came with Salted Caramel Popcorn and whipped cream underneath. At first, I thought the additional sauce and cream would be a little bit too much as this thick Belgian-style waffle was already rich and sweet on its own, but the caramel sauce was actually thin and salty enough to balance all the sweetness out. In the end, all we got in our mouth was this sweet, salty, buttery, creamy and crispy delectable treats.

This Smores Waffle will be a perfect choice if you love sweet treats where melted marshmallow and chocolate came together with some fresh strawberries and whipped cream. So good that it can be a cure when you're having a bad day~

Bingsoo that I know of is a Korean ice dessert where a heap of shaved ice with flavoured syrup - we decided to try their Green Tea flavour - poured over it and topped with corn flakes, red bean paste, almond flakes and green tea ice cream. Personally I felt the green tea taste was too light and was a bit tasteless if not eaten together with the ice cream.

For all chocolate lovers.. Chocolate Fondue shall not be forgotten when you're having a feast! Came with both milk and dark chocolate dipping sauce, this set was served on a wooden board with pieces of fresh cut strawberries and bananas, banana bread, vanilla macarons, marshmallows and waffles.

Looking for some hot beverages, I decided to try their Mint Hot Chocolate and it was served in a bowl cup. It gave off a nice chocolatey look but the taste was too subtle for my liking - I actually couldn't really taste any mint flavour in it.

Passion Tree
T67 Chatswood Interchange, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood (Just above the station)

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Let's Nomnom dined as guests of the Passion Tree and Sydney PR. A big thank you to Passion Tree team, Aileen, Tina and Sydney PR Team for looking after us. All opinions here are our own and independent.
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  1. I'm very curious about the honey bread, is it just a cube of plain white bread with cream and honey drizzled on top?

    1. Hi Bianca!
      Yes, it's basically a cube of toasted soft white bread with cream and honey topping if you go for the original flavour..


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