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After finishing their pop-up cafe in Pymble, Maslow finally re-opened their door to the public and Naremburn, a suburb in lower north shore of Sydney will become the next place for food enthusiasts to meet..

Chef Jack New with his fine-dining background is still the man behind all the delicious looking food creations and teaming up with Tommy Riddell (ex Anvil and Steamtank) as the head barista, revisits are definitely guaranteed!

I went here three days after their grand opening to catch up with Ms. Eri and we decided to start with this Lavender Scrolls with Lemon Curd along with our coffee.. It had crunchy texture but the lavender flavour was too subtle for my liking.. The lemon curd made this scroll a tangy treat while we're waiting for our food to come..

Our first sweet dish was called Dessert for Breakfast.. This dish came prettily with silky smooth Lavender Panna Cotta on the bottom and then topped with crunchy Maple Muesli and Honey Jelly.. 

Although the lavender notes in the panna cotta was quite subtle, the smoke (my favourite part!) added some extra zing to the dish! In overall this luscious and not-too-sweet dish is perfect for someone who wants a light sweet breakfast!

I was bombed by its feminine look the moment Sakura Bombe appeared on our table! On top of being so pretty, it had lots of different flavours and textures going on from the sweet and creamy Dulce De Leche sauce, the crunchy oats, and to the juicy mango pieces..

This was the part I've been looking for as we dug deeper.. Surprise.. Surprise!! A hidden matcha sponge was buried nicely under the toasted marshmallow! The sponge texture was a bit dense and a little sprinkle of black sesame on top somehow overpowered the earthy matcha flavour.. But this was not an issue as you ate all the different elements together, they harmoniously complemented each other creating one beautiful sensation and there is no excuse for not loving this dish!

Ps: These two are quite on the small side if you see it as breakfast dishes.. So, you might want to eat their savoury dish first and order these two for dessert.. =D

286 Willoughby Road, Naremburn
Opening Hours:
7am - 4pm on weekdays and 8am - 3pm on weekend
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