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Rejoice Eastern Suburbians! After opening their Chatswood and CBD stores, TCP has now opened a store in Rosebery! This venue is more spacious, provides ample natural light and somehow looks like a glass box with their kitchen also acts as the central especially to do the testing for the upcoming monthly specials.

Located inside Saporium, the latest food precinct inspired by market halls in Europe, TCP shares the space with other vendors creating a community where we can easily get our coffee, fresh produces, dessert, and even cooking school all in one place. There is also plenty of parking if you don't feel like catching the public transport to go here. 

June Specials - C&C Pudding!
With the colder weather, it's true that molten lava cake has been lingering in my mind and TCP somehow answers my craving with their June Specials, C&C Pudding! A light and simply decadent soft cake filled with an ooey-gooey center. This is perfect and won't disappoint if you are into a sinfully rich chocolate cookies and cream goodness.

Next is one of my favorites because this HoneyCrumb Waffnut Stack will never make me disappointed. They're crisp on the outside and soft chewy inside. It's a marriage between doughnut recipe and waffle batter cooked in a waffle iron, then served with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and crushed honeycomb crumbs. Well, sounds fancy BUT it's not complete yet without the complete salty and sweet combination of salted caramel ice cream served upside down in a waffle cone.

Now what are you waiting for? Bet they have you sorted for all your sweet cravings and treats!

The Choc Pot HQube
61-71 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery
Opening Hours:
12pm - 9pm on weekdays and 12pm - 10pm on weekend
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-Let's Nomnom dined as guests of TCP. Thanks Ash & Deej for the warm service and hospitality. All opinions here are our own and independent-

Visit on the 02/11/15
The Choc Pot Chatswood: The Return of Pavlova Ice Cream Jar!

I do believe that you simply can't buy happiness but you can buy desserts and that's kind of the same thing! So, when I hear TCP brings back the Pavlova Ice Cream Jar back as their new dessert of the month, I see it as life's way saying I really deserve that November specials for happiness in my life.. LOL!

This jar has an invitingly crisp and airy house-made chocolate meringue as the base and makes a perfect dessert for any spring/summer meal. Not too heavy, but extremely satisfying in the sweet tooth department. Topped with vanilla bean ice cream and clouds of creamy white chocolate cream and raspberry coulis, the additional layer of mango and passion fruit curd as well as classic combination of fresh strawberries and blueberries balance the richness of the cream and give you flavour, intensity, and definitely light. 

My love for waffle has gotten me very demanding about how a waffle should be.. It should be crisp but a little fluffy in the middle, have a good flavour and also be doused in chocolaty goodness like this Strawberry Field Waffle! Drizzle in intensely chocolate sauce, this waffle is definitely a superb one for all chocolate lovers. If only they had dark chocolate sauce option, it'd make me feel like I can do anything, even fly over the moon~

When it's hot and humid, nothing compares to a cool, refreshing drink! These two TCP's specialities, Mango Ice Smasher and Pine Mojito will definitely cool your mood down and entice your taste buds all season long. Whether you are on "mango and lychee team" or "pineapple, mint and lime team", whatever your taste preferences are I'm pretty sure at least one of these summer drink combo will definitely satisfy and help you beat the heat!
- Let's Nomnom and friend dined as guests of The Choc Pot and Sydney PR. All opinions here are our own and independent-

Visit on the 01/04/15
The Choc Pot Chatswood: TCP's Fabulous Carnival Launch Party!

So, on the 1st of April, Mr. Nomnom and I went to TCP's Fabulous Carnival Launch Party at their Chatswood store.. Thanks to Tina from Sydney Public Relations for the invitation!! We really enjoy it and we're going to share some photos here..

Loving this gorgeous flower arrangement by the Weekly Blooms..

T-nomics tea also joined the party by doing the tea sampling for all of the guests.. 

I love their Handy-brew Teapot!!
Do they also sell it in the store? It has the modern feel and simply ingenious..

This was my favourite corner.. It's Chocolate Tasting corner!!
They presented 6 different types of Callebaut Chocolate..

I like this Single Origin Brazil, 66.8% cocoa.. It has deeply intense cocoa taste!

Can you guess how many chocolates in the bucket??

Some games we played during the party and got their newly launched products as the gift.. Yeay!

Some waffles and crepes to try with their chocolate sauce and spreads.. 

Yup! They also introduce their new dessert, Matcha Green Tea Panna Cotta~

Their newly launched, Cheeky Pots!

It comes in 4 flavours.. Super Souff (milk chocolate souffle pudding with balsamic strawberry).. Wonder Souff (white chocolate souffle pudding with raspberry).. Sir Royal Smith (apple crumble with white chocolate custard) and Mighty Mousse!

I got myself a jar of Mighty Mousse.. It's a mint cream chocolate mousse and in my opinion, the chocolate mousse was delicious but the cream was a bit too bland.. It would taste even better if they put a bit stronger peppermint extract.. 

I brought this Nutty Choc Praline Spread home from the party and it finished in 3 days.. We just couldn't stop spreading this on top of our breakfast bread!! It's made with real Belgian chocolate, hazelnut and mixed with crunchy flakes.. It also reminds me of "Ovomaltine" but this one is more chocolatey than the later.. 

- Let's Nomnom attended the Carnival Launch Party as guests of The Choc Pot and Sydney PR. All opinions here are our own and independent -

Visit on the 28/03/15

Their Chatswood store was officially opening its door on Saturday, 28th March.. Even after our big meal at Tim Ho Wan (read here) there's always room for some desserts, right? 

We were greeted by Ashley's warm smile and were told that the available desserts at that time were only their Secret Garden, their signature Choc Pot and a new dessert menu, Matcha Green Tea Panna Cotta.. 

When we saw Red Velvet Hot Chocolate on the menu.. We knew this was not the ordinary style of hot chocolate.. It's made with a mix of dark and milk Belgian chocolate, Jersey milk and topped with cream cheese swirl.. It's creamy and gives you the unique feeling as you sip the cream cheese down your throat.. 

TCP also has number of teas to choose from the menu.. This time, we chose their Mango Sencha Tea.. The taste is more into the fruity side where you can really taste the mango sweetness but it doesn't overwhelm the grassiness of sencha.. 

Mr. Nomnom and I can't resist anything with green tea in it.. Be it in the form of cake, ice cream or even the tea itself.. So, we definitely ordered TCP's new dessert, Matcha Green Tea Panna Cotta.. I could say this one was silky.. It tasted lighter compared to the usual rich and creamy panna cotta.. The matcha green tea all together with the coconut milk and lychee pearl froth bring the sensation in your mouth as they taste amazing together..

I love the creamy and smooth TCP's Secret Garden.. A dessert with rich Callebaut dark and white chocolate layers and some crispy crunchy ball surprise on top of it.. 
It melted very nicely away on our tongue although it's a bit too firm when we spooned it.. We could say this one was richly flavoured, yet light as air and the good thing was it didn't make us feel full after eating the whole serving.. =D

A trip to The Choc Pot is not complete if we don't have their signature dessert, The Choc Pot.. A lightly baked chocolate fondant with crisp edges and filled with melted good ooey-gooey chocolate center.. The outside of the cake is fluffy and soft while the inside is wonderfully messy with all the chocolate goodness.. 

- Let's Nomnom attended anonymously and independently paid for the meals in this post on the 28/03/15 -

The District - Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday 11am - 10pm, Friday and Saturday 11am - 11pm
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  1. Awesome post! Do you like the classic Choc Pot or the Pavlova Ice Cream Jar more?

    1. Thanks! =)

      Uhm I actually love their Pavlova more than the classic Choc Pot.. How about you?

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