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If my school memory serves me right, Mekong is actually one of the longest river in Asia that flows and forms the border between Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and even Vietnam! But I guess enough of the geography lesson for now and let's talk more about this latest addition to Kensington Street and the food they offer~

Located just next to the entrance of Spice Alley, this venue offers 2 different ambiances: the Lower Mekong is more like casual Vietnamese eatery specializing in Pho and the Upper Mekong, the one upstairs, is more formal and offers more refined dishes with South East Asia touch.

The a la carte menu for both lunch and dinner is designed for sharing, but during lunch time only, you can choose set menu where you get an entree, a main and one complimentary dessert for $28/person.

These cute baby carrots will be served to you while you're waiting for your order. Coated in chili jam and dusted with pork floss, it's a great start when this simple dish gets you excited with its umami, sweet and salty kick.

Talking about our favorite entree, it must be this Squid Ink Dumplings! Stuffed with crab meat and prawn, wrapped in thin yet smooth rice paper sheet - it somehow reminds me a lot of my favorite snack, Khao Kriap Pak Moo, back when we lived in Bangkok. But beyond that, a teapot of chicken broth that comes with it definitely gets all my attention! I enjoy this clear brew of intense chicken stock flavored a little more depth with aromatic herbs and slightly sweeter taste. 
Ps: I can't stop and end up drinking the whole teapot! LOL =D

The inner me is calling for this Lady of Shallot and keep on praising its beauty as I savour the plump, juicy scallops. The delicate flavor together with tasty bacon oil and the result is pure paradise inside your mouth.

Pig in a Betel Leaf Blanket
Grilled to perfection, it's not a surprise for me that Pork Neck is considered one of the favorite cuts almost for everyone! This juicy flavorful slice of meat that is tender and succulent is then wrapped in a betel leaf and served with house made tamarind sauce. I actually find the sauce is a little bit too sweet for my liking but it will be great if you like the wrap with a sweet touch added.

There's something about all flavors coming together in Vientiane Wagyu beef salad that hits all the taste buds in one go.. Fresh, sweetness, sourness, saltiness, nutty and toasty flavor from the roasted rice powder make this pungent and SPICY! (I have a pretty low tolerance) combination works well with the tender and succulent wagyu beef done in Lao-BBQ style. 

If you love coconut so much, you'll definitely love this pretty looking Full Moon! Not only looking good, it smells divine with smoky cinnamon on the side as they bring this dish to our table. Two large and succulent tiger prawns served in a young coconut bowl - the words that come to my mind when I look at this? INVITING, WARM, HEARTY, and so on.. and so on.. and so on!! The white coconut milk based curry combined with the flavor of fresh and tender young coconut meat makes this dish is so "coconutty" creamy rich but somehow light at the same time. Well COCONUT is pretty much the right word to describe this dish~

Royal Seafood Amok
Amok is one of Cambodia national dishes cooked in a yellow mild coconut curry made from an aromatic superfood blend, such as turmeric, lemongrass, galangal, garlic, and many more! Mekong presents their own Royal Amok by using prawn, scallop, fish fillet, and pipi cooked with asparagus in their special house made Cambodian curry. 

This is our first time trying Cambodian curry and somehow it tastes similar to Mr. Nomnom's favorite yellow curry in Bangkok. The closest one he's been searching for and definitely not what you normally find in other places' menu. The lip-smacking sauce totally gets all our attention with the addition of egg white to make it even creamier.

There's always room for dessert especially for this Bangkok Ice Cream Bowl. Coconut ice cream is always refreshing and to have it with sticky rice (I bet with a little bit of salt) enhances its sweetness! The roasted peanuts and pomegranate topping also give extra crunchy texture and palm seeds for a little something extra.

14 Kensington Street, Chippendale
Opening Hours:
Monday - Wednesday 6pm - 10pm
Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 3pm and 6pm - 10pm
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-Let's Nomnom dined as guests of Mekong. Thanks Lucia, Nicky, Ryan and Mekong Team for the warm service and hospitality. All opinions here are our own and independent-

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