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Well, tell me how did you spend your last weekend? The weather was so wild all of a sudden with severe storms and heavy rain! But it didn't hinder me together with the homies, Isaac, Michael, and Natalie, from coming to Cuckoo Callay for their new menu. 

After a successful Bacon Festival with all-bacon-inspired menu following right after for 3 months, my anticipation has built up when I first heard about their WINTER MENU. So, without further ado let's talk more about their dishes~

If you read my previous Bacon Festival post, Bacon Mac Daddy will always be one of my favorite dish! If you haven't tried it yet, I have a good news because this dish still REMAINS ON THE MENU! Well, still plenty of time but for sure who can resist this delicious double smoked bacon topped with creamy bacon mac and cheese croissant! It's crispy and the inside is soft enough to hold the perfectly poached egg, tomato relish and their creamy gooey fillings.

Magic Mushrooms
Mushrooms on toast are a classic morning breakfast and with some twist and addition, this basic dish can turn into something fantastic like any great brunch. Mushrooms are packed with umami and serving them with spinach and truffle goat's cream actually adds extra flavor and creaminess to that. The crisp crumbed egg on the side and the crunch from the smoked almonds also give extra texture to this chewy yet juicy dish.

Holy Grail
Well, it's nearly impossible to go wrong when you have combination of corned beef brisket, potato hash, carrots, cabbage and a poached egg in one plate. It's a thing of beauty where you can taste the savory meat, a hint of carrots and potatoes with a smell of hearty dose of butter, and don't think I'm forgetting the smooth and creamy beetroot hollandaise with (of course) crucial runny yolk.

Moving on to the sweet side..

Breaking The Rice is making a comeback this winter and if you have a sweet tooth, you'll definitely love this. I love the aroma and the subtle taste of rosewater mascarpone and when teamed up with the sour notes of rhubarb sorbet, it balances the sweet and crunchy nutty crumble!

The Lost Cookie of Pompeii!
Look at this "secret" oozing chocolate lava!
This Lost Cookie of Pompeii is totally a spotlight stealer! What is it about a crisp and yet soft cookie cube filled with oozing decadent, rich melted chocolate that makes it so irresistible! Especially when there's creme anglaise waiting for you to wipe them all up with an extra sensation of popping candy! So many things going on this plate but for sure they taste so good together!

Cuckoo Callay
Newtown Railway Station, 324A King St, Newtown
Opening Hours:
6am - 4pm on weekdays and 8am - 6pm on weekend
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Let's Nomnom dined as guests of Cuckoo Callay. A big thank you to Ibby and Cuckoo Callay team for looking after us. All opinions here are our own and independent.

THROWBACK to Cuckoo's WINTER 2015 menu!

Cuckoo Callay has always been on my radar since their Bacon Festival back in February.. So, when Ms. GO chose this place for our Friday catch up.. There's no reason for me to say NO especially after I look at their brand spanking new winter menu! Woohoo..

Ms. NW joined us and three of us decided to start with Wedgy.. These well-seasoned sweet potato wedges were well baked with slightly crispy skin and their rich and smooth spicy aioli was a perfect dipping partner to finish the whole bowl!

This one is their Rice. Rice Baby.. A bowl of creamy and soothing red rice pudding was paired with light and delicate spiced baked pear and topped with rhubarb sorbet, rosewater mascarpone and some nutty crumble.. The rosewater mascarpone balanced the rhubarb's sourness while the crunchy crumble added extra texture to this dish in overall..

Ms. NW decided to order Porked.. The tender pressed pork was juicy and served on a sourdough with fresh char-grilled broccolini and a 63 degree egg.. Unfortunately, we felt like the dish as a whole became heavy as the creamy Manchego and mustard sauce was a bit too much and overpowering..

I love ramen.. Ms. GO loves ramen.. They love ramen.. Well.. Everybody Loves Ramen!!
Cuckoo Callay serves their ramen noodles with a 63 degree egg, smoked bacon cut, shitake mushrooms, shallots and the bacon dashi..

We were curious to try this dish as it's similar the one we've tried at Hammer and Tong, Melbourne (read here).. One mouthful and we knew Cuckoo took their ramen in different version.. The bacon cut's thinner but their bacon dashi surely has a nice spicy kick! It adds an extra subtle flavours to dish in overall without burning our taste buds..

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  1. Love the fact they're so creative with their menu items!! I do find the Mac Daddy way too sweet and rich for me (odd) but I was really wowed by the chicken burger :)


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