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There's nothing better than a bowl (or bowls) of piping hot soup to warm and fill me up on a cold winter's day! As I can't handle cold weather, it definitely leaves me feeling chilled to the bone, constantly hungry and longing for a good Soondubu (Tofu Soup) all the time!

BCD Tofu House is truly a hidden gem (it's quite hidden from the main road) in Epping and as the name says, you're going to be here for their Korean Soondubu! 

The menu is quite simple and straight forward and we're served with these variety of side dishes..

Our Seafood (Haemul) Soondubu was delivered while still bubbling vigorously and so rich in flavour! We cracked an egg straight into the soup and let it sit for a moment before we broke into it and mixed the soft golden yolk till the intense soup broth became creamy..

The tofu here is definitely the star of the dish.. It has a pudding-like quality, very light in texture with a wonderful creamy feel, a soft and delicate tofu that is nicely in contrast with the spicy and bold flavours of the broth..

You can choose a normal white or their special rice to go along with your soup and both are cooked in a stone bowl.. 

This was their Special rice.. It had sweeter flavour as they cooked the rice in the stone bowl (dolsot) with the red dates, gingko nuts, chestnuts, beans and black glutinous rice.. 

The other Korean dish that will never fail no matter how you prepare and cook it is the Beef Bulgogi.. Thinly slices of beef were richly flavoured in a special sauce, it was a perfect combination of sweet, savoury, tender and juicy beef that tasted so good when you ate it together with the rice.. 

BCD Tofu House
74 - 76 Rawson St, Epping
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday 12pm - 3pm and 5pm - 10pm
Sunday 5pm - 10pm
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