Gratia: Sydney's First Profit-for-Purpose Cafe - Surry Hills

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Sydney's first profit for a purpose cafe has recently opened in Surry Hills.. A little bit of chat with the staff, she explained that 100% of its profits (after paying all the expenses and running costs) will be split 50% for their own foundation, Pure Foundation and the other 50% will be for the diners' nominated charities.. For every $5 spent on food and drinks, diners will be given a coloured ball and can choose which charity they want their donation is made to.. 

I actually love their idea of converting the everyday business into a vehicle with a purpose for helping others in need and make the world a better place! One thing that caught my attention as soon as I set my foot in this place was their lovely vintage outdoor seating! Recycled materials are incorporated in every possible elements from their school chairs, tables and takeaway packaging, and others.. 

Ordered their Latte to start with (bean is by Gabriel Coffee).. Coffee was well prepared as it came warm and milky smooth..

The first dish we had was Organic Lamb Pitta with mint, tahini, tomato, dukkah and lemon yoghurt sauce..
The lamb patty was tender and juicy and wrapped nicely in a soft and warm pitta with all the hearty condiments.. The portion size is considered small but it's still quite filling and healthy (most importantly!)

I got their idea of Australian multiculturalism as you can't really find some of their menu in other places, a Tunisian Breakfast in this case.. According to the menu, it's actually a deep-fried Tunisian "Brik" pastry with tuna and egg, served with cucumber, shallot salad and harissa (it's a condiment made from garlic, red chilli and spices)..

I was expecting the pastry to be thin and flaky around the filling, but I was disappointed as the skin was thick, though to cut and even hard to chew.. The egg was not evenly cooked as there was still a raw part and I realised there was no cucumber and shallot salad on my plate too..

Here's the little table near the entrance where you can nominate and ask for more information about each charity you want them to donate their profit into..

Gratia - Noun. Latin for 'grace'. Meaning 'thankfulness'
372 Bourke Street, Surry Hills
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