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The weather was so good last week.. A-rather-warm winter and sunny day urged me to leave my bed and went out for a walk! Just a short walking distance from Central Station, I arrived at this 2-months-old cafe to catch up with Ms. ET..

Local Mbassy is a great addition to Ultimo considering the lack of cafe options around the area.. The decoration gave you the industrial feeling with all the unique furniture pieces, the light bulb fittings and its larger-than-life mural by local artist, Sid Tapia..

While waiting for Ms. ET, I started with an Affogato.. I guess you'd never go wrong with Campos Coffee if brewed correctly.. It had that intense flavour, thick and definitely creamy..

Ms. ET ordered Mocha and it came beautifully with the chocolate art on top.. The bold flavour of the coffee was mixed well with the chocolate and I was quite sure she enjoyed her mocha as we're waiting for our foods to come..

This gorgeous looking dish has been a foodporn-star on my Instagram lately.. Lovely vibrant red colour with fresh strawberries and luscious sweet cream on top, this Red Velvet Pancake was light and moist with a hint of chocolate flavour in every bite.. 
I guess if they added a dollop of cream cheese instead of sweet cream, this dish would surely taste even better!! (I always think  savoury cream cheese is the perfect partner to the red velvet's sweetness =D)

Another one we ordered was their Shakshuka.. We opted for the non-vego one, this hearty dish came with bacon, baked beans and runny eggs in tasty sweet paprika sauce.. 
I felt like the sauce was not kicking the taste buds enough and missing the rich and complex flavours we usually tasted in the spicy tomato sauce.. 

We took another peek on the menu and I'd definitely order the vego one on our next visit (as it comes with spicy tomato sauce) with extra sausages and bacon on its side.. LOL!

Local Mbassy
310 Wattle Street, Ultimo
Opening Hours:
7am - 4pm on weekdays and 8am - 4pm on weekend
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