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When Haven Does Egg Waffles - Surry Hills

I’ve been following Haven since the first day they opened and surprised me with their fusion yet creative dishes. And now here I am updating my post with so much Egg-citement as Haven recently introduced a new menu series!

Salaryman - Surry Hills

Somehow I remember my Japanese friend's story when I hear about this place. She told me in Japan becoming a salaryman is the expected career choice for young men and they typically stay with their first company throughout the whole career. She also told me after working long hours, they usually go to casual places (Izakaya) for after-work drinking with their colleagues.

Paddock - Surry Hills

Talking about Surry Hills means endless food and drink options especially on the buzziest and hippest Crown Street. Just recently opened around 3 weeks ago, Paddock has get you covered if you simply can't decide where to dine among the endless options.

White Taro - Surry Hills

White Taro, a newly opened cafe in Surry Hills, is joining the list of some of the famous dining spots in the neighborhood with its range of Vietnamese-fusion menu. They serve an all day menu and I can say taro is definitely not their signature dish. LOL!

Boscage - Surry Hills

It is no longer a surprise to hear there's a new cafe recently opened at the heart of Sydney's brunch scene, Surry Hills. Serving modern Australian cuisine, Boscage makes everything in-house from scratch which means they bake all the breads and pastries and even smoking the salmon themselves!

Gratia: Sydney's First Profit-for-Purpose Cafe - Surry Hills

Sydney's first profit for a purpose cafe has recently opened in Surry Hills.. A little bit of chat with the staff, she explained that 100% of its profits (after paying all the expenses and running costs) will be split 50% for their own foundation, Pure Foundation and the other 50% will be for the diners' nominated charities.. For every $5 spent on food and drinks, diners will be given a coloured ball and can choose which charity they want their donation is made to.. 

Lobster to my Eggs Benni at Rustic Pearl - Surry Hills

I always love spending my time in Surry Hills! As one of the suburbs with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops, Surry Hills offer a great range of dishes inspired by flavours from all over the world! 

Orto Trading Co - Surry Hills

Who doesn't love Eggs Benedict for breakfast? Usually topped with ham or bacon or salmon, this tasty dish is super easy to be found in every place you go.. If you ask me which place makes the best or shall I say the one that has left a deep impression on me? I'll answer Orto Trading is one of them!

Paramount Coffee Project - Surry Hills

Mr. Nomnom told me he wanted to eat at Reuben Hills on one fine Saturday.. But I said to him.. let's try PCP.. I've heard lots of buzz about this place and I have put it under my top eating list for quite some time.. LOL
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