Paramount Coffee Project - Surry Hills

Mr. Nomnom told me he wanted to eat at Reuben Hills on one fine Saturday.. But I said to him.. let's try PCP.. I've heard lots of buzz about this place and I have put it under my top eating list for quite some time.. LOL

Doing a little bit of research, we knew that that Seven Seeds from Melbourne and Reuben Hills have teamed up to present this Paramount Coffee Project (PCP).. It lifted up our expectation for sure~~

Although they had no clear sign but this place was definitely distinctive as we saw many people flocked to the door of this place~

Upon entering, you realised that this place was actually very spacious, airy and bright.. It had high ceilings and all the natural light.. There're seats everywhere with a few small tables, some larger table and counter seating at the coffee bar.. 

I personally love this unfinished part.. It gave you the industrial feeling with the "50s-make up-style" waitress kept on tracking everyone's order attentively..

Looking at the pastries.. We knew that we need to save some spaces to eat it later after our big meal.. LOL

I ordered their Soft Shell Crab Bun since it's one the most popular dish on social media~~ When it arrived on our table.. I was disappointed to know that my expectation had failed.. Just looking at it, I knew my crab was not crunchy at all =((

The bun (which I suspected it's butter milk bun) was dry..The deep fried crab was cold, soggy and very oily up to the point you could swallow the oil as you chewed the crab.. 
Mr. Nomnom thought the house slaw and the sauce might be the cause since it's cold and it might cool the crab down and made the bun soggy..

Mr. Nomnom ordered their Fried Chicken Waffle with Japanese Curry.. His dish arrived just warm and in my opinion the texture of the waffle was soggy..  The curry sauce was light and brought more flavour for this dish in overall..

Mr. Nomnom ordered these Potato Croquettes as a side dish for his waffle.. It was creamy inside and yet crispy on the outside.. I could say this was the only dish I really enjoyed at that time..

To cheer me up, Mr. Nomnom ordered Candy Mountain.. It's basically a cronut topped with coconut ice cream, icing sugar, soaked in espresso and drenched in chocolate sauce..

I once heard they use Brewtown's Cronut but I'm not sure if this one was also from there.. I love how they combined all elements into one dish, you could taste both sweetness and bitterness, hot and cold in one bite at the same time.. 

80 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday 7am - 4pm and Sunday 8am - 4pm

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