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RAMEN NAGI - The Best Ramen in SINGAPORE at Suntec City!

Ramen has always been a favorite comfort food of mine! Talking about Ramen Nagi, although they started from Japan, my first encounter with theirs was actually in Hong Kong. Soon after a sip of their broth, I instantly fell in love and now couldn't be more happy to celebrate their opening at Suntec City

Salaryman - Surry Hills

Somehow I remember my Japanese friend's story when I hear about this place. She told me in Japan becoming a salaryman is the expected career choice for young men and they typically stay with their first company throughout the whole career. She also told me after working long hours, they usually go to casual places (Izakaya) for after-work drinking with their colleagues.

Ramen Zundo - CBD

As the weather finally warms up and just about the right time to answer Mr. Nomnom's ramen craving, I start paying attention to Ramen Zundo after hearing some recommendations to try their Tsukemen.
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