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Khao Pla has won people's heart as one of the best Thai eateries in Chatswood area since the day they opened back in 2013. Coming from Bangkok, Chef Pla Rojratanavichai, having worked with Spice I am, Ms. G's and Mr Wong brings his idea of authentic flavour and classic Thai dishes into an innovative menu for his first Thai restaurant.
(Read more about his second Thai restaurant, Chum Tang here)

Khao Pla gives the casual black and white dining ambience with Thailand's street culture as wall decoration. The place itself isn't too spacious and you'll always find a long line trying to get a table during peak hours. 

Service was quick and our orders came almost at the same time. Chef Pla gave a twist to his Banana Blossom Salad by adding a poached egg on top of thinly shredded banana flowers, poached shredded chicken and prawns. The egg gave extra creaminess to the tangy and kicky dressing of tamarind, dried prawn and dried chilli. It was crunchy, it was creamy, it was sour, it was chewy - in short, this salad was totally addictive! 

This Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs is totally Mr. Nomnom's must order dish whenever we visit Khao Pla. Twice cooked with palm sugar and tamarind, these fall-off-the-bone ribs were juicy, sticky, sweet, sour, and simply impossible to resist. 

Although it's not originally a native Thai curry, Massamun Curry has been influenced by Southern Thai cooking style with its divine rich coconut milk sauce and slow cooked beef that falls apart at a mere touch. With combination of tamarind, palm sugar and other spices, this curry was creamy, nutty with a perfect balance of gentle spiciness, saltiness, tanginess and sweetness. 

We considered Pla Pad Khing as a mild and delicate dish with a very characteristic ginger taste. Influenced by Chinese cooking, it's basically wok fried fish fillet, wood ear mushroom and Chinese celery with ginger and chilli. 

Khao Pla
Shop 7, 370 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood
Opening Hours:
11am - 10pm daily
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  1. Loved the pork belly when I went but you're right... it's very tight in there. haha. I basically sat at the same table as the strangers at the next table!

    1. Lol!! So true! I always ended up sharing table with strangers but I'd say their yummy food trully compensates for the "inconvenience" 😁


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