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Sydney seems to be going through a mind-blowing milkshake phase with all the extreme crazy flavours everywhere.. Before I know it, the inner child inside me is awaken and now has that strong urge to get a hold (at least one) of those!

Last Sunday Mr. Nomnom and I ventured all the way to this sweet wonderland in western side of Sydney because their milkshakes are seriously attention stealer! Located at a small outdoor shopping complex with plenty of parking spots, you could tell this place from the crowds buzzing outside waiting to get a table.

The cafe size is rather small but packed with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. Order is at the counter and on top of their milkshakes, XS Espresso also serves Campos Coffee and has a display cabinet filled with all the sweet treats from Oregano Bakery and Pasticceria Papa.

If you are a milkshake purist, this place serves some classic flavours with their ever popular Cookies & Cream and Timtam & Peanut Butter flavours to choose from. BUT! Go for their Monster Shakes (not listed on the menu) if you want to make all your wildest dreams come true! This rich and thick Ultimate Monster Oreo Shake is packed with all the milk and chocolate goodness, whipped cream, waffles, TimTam, Oreos, and topped with humongous amount of white and milk liquid chocolate! One sip and Yes! I'm entering the milkshake wonderland~

When healthiness tastes this scrumptious, you'll just want to have this XS Stack! Salty and squeaky grilled haloumi with some juicy tomatoes and dollops of creamy avocado are not complete without two perfectly poached eggs on top.. If you need more protein on top, add smoked salmon like Mr. Nomnom did! 

I find it quite rare to find a mix of healthy and naughty stuff in a cafe menu but XS actually does that! I ordered Acai Bowl and it came pretty with slices of fresh strawberry, kiwi, banana, passionfruit, desiccated coconut and chia on top. As it was a hot sunny Sunday, I found it's surely refreshing as a lunch alternative to cool me down. It was not too sweet and the fruits were all fresh and juicy. The acai texture was the only letdown as it's too thin and too runny for my liking (I guess if they made it thicker, it'd surely be a superb one!)

XS Espresso
9a/1183 - 1187 The Horsley Drive, Wetherill Park
Opening Hours:
6am - 10pm on weekdays and 7am - 10pm on weekend
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Let's Nomnom dined as guests of the XS Espresso. A big thank you to XS Espresso team for looking after us. All opinions here are our own and independent. 

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  1. ME WANT OREO SHAKE NOW!!!!! I can imagine it on my tastebuds as I type this....:P

    1. The monster one for sure! Otherwise they'll give u the normal cookies and cream one.. Lol!


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