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Orto Trading Co - Surry Hills

Who doesn't love Eggs Benedict for breakfast? Usually topped with ham or bacon or salmon, this tasty dish is super easy to be found in every place you go.. If you ask me which place makes the best or shall I say the one that has left a deep impression on me? I'll answer Orto Trading is one of them!

Thy Vietnamese Eatery - Bankstown

Vietnamese food has a definite spot in my heart with its light flavour and freshness. Fresh herbs and vegetables are essential to many Vietnamese dishes and mostly served as condiments..

Last weekend Mr. Nomnom and I decided to visit Bankstown as it's been ages since the last time we went there.. With Banh Cuon (Steamed Rice Roll) set in our mind, we know there's no other place we'd rather be than Thy Vietnamese Eatery..

Let's Nomnom Top Healthy Eats in Sydney!

Yap! As much as I love to please my eyes and stuff my tummy with all the decadent foods we often see.. Sometimes all I really want is a healthy (and also yummy) meal especially during this winter season.. The colder it gets, the more I crave for comfort foods!

Healthy foods are not limited to mere salad bowls or raw fruits and not having desserts at all.. There is no need to eat bland and boring dishes since there are so many healthy eateries nowadays..

So, we've gathered the 12 best healthy eats in Sydney and here's what we've got for you..

Top 7 Croissants You Must Try in Sydney!

Who doesn't love croissant these days? In every bakeries, patisseries and cafes.. You can easily find this melt-in-your-mouth French staple whenever you are craving for it.. They all come in different textures and variations, from plain to ham and cheese, chocolate, almond and even Ispahan..

A perfect croissant for me should be made from a good quality butter, folded over and over to get those luscious layers.. It's hard not to indulge myself in this buttery and flaky treats whenever I see them laying gracefully inside the glass cabinet.. LOL! 

Indulge in Lao-Thai's dishes at Green Peppercorn - CBD [ Closed ]

I always think that Thai cuisine offers unusual and intriguing treats.. The way it looks, how it smells and the unique blend of spicy, sour, sweet, salty and citrus tastes.. All those different elements and complexity bring a harmonious finish on our palate..

Pu'er - Waterloo

We once heard about Pu'er from a news we read when they first opened to the public around 2 years ago.. I learnt that Siev Gour, its owner, travelled extensively over the last 4 years to China and Hong Kong in search for the perfect dim sum..

It's actually fascinating for us to see a dim sum house that really provides a unique tea experience from their extensive selections while pairing it with the unique dim sum and tasty dishes..

The Incinerator - Willoughby

What will come up in your mind when I mention about "incinerator"?
Will you think it of as a burner? An old Building? Or an abandoned place filled with material ashes? 

It might be true in some cases but the one we saw in Willoughby had totally different vibe! Old wooden benches with some umbrellas welcomed us as we entered the area and this unique thing (it's actually a lift!) caught my attention for sure!

Khaybar Restaurant - Auburn

We love trying new food and exploring new places.. But! It never crossed our mind that we would one day try and actually fall in love with Afghan Cuisine.. =D

Yasaka Ramen - CBD

Lately the weather has gone wild! Non-stop heavy rain plus the gusty winds and broken umbrella have successfully convinced me to postpone all plans.. I'm left with nothing but cleaning our camera.. As I go through the old photos I realise I have forgotten to post this ramen joint.. LOL!

With the cold weather start dampening our spirits.. We're all in the mood for a comfort food.. What would make it even better to have a hot bowl of ramen and some deep fried chicken to warm our belly?

Let's Nomnom's MELBOURNE TOP 5 - EASTER Edition!

I know this post is a bit too late especially if we want to talk about the Easter Holiday.. But it's better to be late rather than nothing at all right? *excuses and excuses*

Mr. Nomnom thought that it's been ages since the last time he visited Melbourne and it would be a great plan for us to spend our long weekend there.. Upon hearing that.. I started creating a food wish list and of course we tried to balance it with joining a full-day Philip Island tour and watched those cute little penguins marched their way back to the shore after being out catching fish.. LOL

After eating in 16 different places during our 3 days city stay.. Here are our Melbourne's Top 5 Easter Edition!

Seoul Orizin - Haymarket

Deep fried chicken has replaced frozen yoghurt as the current trending food in Sydney.. Anywhere and any time you walk.. One can simply find stalls selling deep fried chicken either in Taiwanese style or even Korean style..

Teddy's Place - CBD [ Closed ]

If you walk along George St, you must have noticed this newly opened dessert bar called Teddy's Place.. 

Chum Tang - Chatswood

Khao Pla has won people's heart as one of the best Thai eateries in Chatswood area since the day they opened back in 2013.. As Chatswood Interchange introduces their new food court area, The District.. Khao Pla is also introducing its new restaurant, Chum Tang..

Celsius Dessert Bar - Chatswood

Who doesn't love ice cream? I bet if I ask children and adults what's their number 1 comfort food, I am sure I'll get ice cream as the answer.. 
Either you lick it from a cone, scoop it from a bowl, eat it on the side of a cake or even coffee.. It definitely brings the sensation and an ultimate indulgence..

Tim Ho Wan - Chatswood

Finally!! The wait is over!!

TIM HO WAN, the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant opened its first Australian store in Chatswood last Saturday (March 28).. It's located in Chatswood Interchange's newest food court, The District..

Paramount Coffee Project - Surry Hills

Mr. Nomnom told me he wanted to eat at Reuben Hills on one fine Saturday.. But I said to him.. let's try PCP.. I've heard lots of buzz about this place and I have put it under my top eating list for quite some time.. LOL

Great Aunty Three - Enmore

Yeay.. this is The Nomnom's first post in 2015! 
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