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From the same team behind Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Point, a storefront nestled in the boutique shopping strips in Paddington area has been converted into a small but compact bistro with impressive selection of wine list and interesting Italian touch on the menu. 

Simply decorated with white walls, a wooden counter with couple of bar stools, small and cramped tables, 10 William Street, an Italian dining hybrid with warm and knowledgeable service from the staff has become our favorite place for catching up with friends, but note that it might not be comfortable if you come in larger group. 

Let's start with this little Dadinho de Tapioca cubes as I leave the wine talk to other much more experienced wine connoisseur. Dadinho is actually a delicious Brazilian snack, I guess they take this little tapioca and cheese cubes that are deliciously crisp on the outside and pleasingly light and chewy on the inside as an inspiration and then top it with padron pepper and pecorino cheese for extra spicy and cheesy flavour kick. 

The one I've been waiting for since the first time I saw it appearing on social media! This Whipped Bottarga Pretzel is so addictively good! Pretzel came hot, crunchy golden shelled on the outside, studded with various seeds and most importantly doughy soft on the inside.

Now I know why everyone's raving about their bottarga dip! The texture is Greek's Tarama like whipped roe (without the pink colour) with a big pool of olive oil at the centre and generous grating of bottarga. It's so light and smooth, saltily addictive

Pappardelle, Bufallo Mozarella, Sugo, Sobresada
Don't judge book by its cover - this dish might look so simple but I love how pappardelle is cooked to al dente, the Sugo has a serious spicy kick with rich blend of spices, tomatoes and peppers and how its wide shape holds and soaks up the smooth sauce perfectly creating a perfect versatile dish with tons of flavor in every bite.

It's a sin to miss this dessert out as there's no reason why a Tiramisu shouldn't delight and I'd say this place has one of the best I've ever had! Each bite will have rich yet airy yellowish cream with a touch of alcohol and dreamily soft (but not mushy) coffee-flavoured ladyfingers. The mascarpone cream is rich and velvety creamy and the overall taste is so decadent with subtle sweetness and the right bitterness from the coffee, chocolate, and cocoa powder. 

10 William Street
10 William St, Paddington
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday 5pm - midnight, Friday to Saturday 12pm to midnight
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