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If you're asked to choose salmon or bacon, which one is your pick? For us, it'll be salmon! Be it in the form of sashimi, smoked, cooked, you name it - salmon has its own charm and always tastes so good!

When I hear salmon and bear, the first thing in my mind was my Hokkaido trip where we visited a bear farm and learnt the fact that salmon was given as their daily meal! Well, to cut the long story short, the Salmon and Bear I'm gonna talk more now is not the one in Japan but a chalet-look "fish and chips" eatery in Zetland. 

Inside is simply decorated and brings you back-to-the-nature feeling with the dark wood tone, stone and leather ambiance. It's a casual seafood eatery with simple straight forward menu and here you must order at the counter and wait for your food to be delivered.

While waiting for our food, we got a chance to tour around the kitchen and saw this Mibrasa charcoal oven from Spain (you'll only see this being used in Michelin-starred restaurant FYI). Yes! They cook their seafood over charcoal and this special oven gives the smoky charred flavour of one side while keep the inside moist and juicy.

Let's jump straight to their Grizzly Plate! here you can choose your own fish - of course we choose Ora King Salmon (sourced from New Zealand) but you can also select others like barramundi, tuna, and snapper. Then you can choose your sauce to compliment your fish and have it with any 2 sides/salads. Go for their Sweet Potato Fries for sure as it's caramelised creating a crispy sweet crust while so soft on the inside.

We know Ora King Salmon is truly the "wagyu" of the sea from our last NZ trip as we managed to visit its farm and were totally struck with its pleasantly rich and luscious flavour, delicate silky texture, super moist, and most importantly tasty and healthy!

The other thing you can't simply miss whenever you visit this place is their Salmon Bearger! It's like eating their grilled salmon in the form of a patty with other burger companions. The patty is so moist and flavourful, it's so tender and stay together when you bite it! Served in a toasted hamburger bun, you can choose to have it with chips or sweet potato fries (well for me it's sweet potato fries for sure!)

Need something light to go with your drinks? Try their Tacos! All tacos come in a soft corn tortilla with cabbage, salsa verde, pickled pink onions, corriander, lime and sriracha mayo. You can choose to top it with Sticky Soy Glazed Salmon or deep fried Crispy Hoki or Crispy Prawn and Fennel or just have them all! 

Last but not least in the middle of going food coma, we're still treated with this Messina's Special Chocolate Bear! Milk chocolate gelato in between two soft and chewy chocolate nutty disks - a must go for all chocolate lovers because there's always room for desserts right!

Salmon and Bear
6 Defries Avenue, Zetland
Opening Hours:
12pm - 10pm daily
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-Let's Nomnom dined as guests of Salmon and Bear. Thanks Joe for showing us around and for the warm service and hospitality. All opinions here are our own and independent-

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  1. Hehe I love bacon but I do love a perfectly cooked piece of salmon too!

    1. LOL I guess we can try both at the same time! It might taste even better LOL!


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