6 Singapore Brunch Spots for Instagram-Worthy Breakfasts!

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Breakfast is a necessity for everyone (or at least for me!), it's super easy to let it fall low in your list of priorities during the busy weekdays and we tend to just find anything simple and can be eaten on the go! Well, things are different on the weekends! The time when you can wake up a bit later than usual and hang out for brunch with your friends and loved one. 

Some of you may stick to eggs and bacon while others may go for a stack of pancakes loaded with syrup. If you like to start your day with the latter - Rejoice and allow me to share with you 6 Singapore brunch spots for Instagram-worthy PANCAKES/HOTCAKES that are not only looking pretty but also taste good!

1. Paddy Hills - South Buona Vista Road

This Aussie-inspired cafe is quite a cozy place to sit down for a long chat with its rustic interior with a combination of wooden furniture and brick wall. 

Their Sweet Berry Muffcake is definitely needed to indulge our sweet tooth after all the past hectic days. The muffcake is crispy on the edge and fluffy on the inside. Portion wise, this is a perfect size for dessert! Served with vanilla bean ice cream squares, chocolate crumbs, and popping pearls - the fresh berries balance the sweetness with its fresh and tangy flavor.

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Paddy Hills
Address: 38 South Buona Vista Road, Singapore 118164 (nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa)
Opening Hours:
10.30am - 5pm and 6pm - 9.30pm on weekdays
9am - 5pm and 6pm - 9.30pm on the weekend

2. Les Patisseries - Upper Thompson Road

The decoration inside this place is kept minimal, it's more like a bakery shop with couple of tables if you suddenly decides to dine in. But for sure, don't let it hinder you from ordering their Hojicha Pancake

When you think Matcha is too mainstream, have you heard about Hojicha? It's another type of roasted green tea with a toasty and caramel-like flavor. Served with matcha spread, vanilla ice cream, chia seed, and fresh berries - the pancake is soft and fluffy with crisp edges! The hojicha flavor is strong with pronounced sweetness just the way I like it and a sprinkle of crushed hazelnuts gives additional crunch to the overall taste. 

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Les Patisseries
Address: 222 Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 574354 (nearest MRT: Marymount)
Opening Hours: 
Monday - Thursday 11am - midnight
Friday 11am - 2am
Saturday 9am - 2am
Sunday 9am - midnight

3. Ninja Cut - Seah Street

If you love lava cakes, you'll definitely love Ninja Cut's rendition of Marvelous Matcha! Served to you with jiggly center - one cut and creamy rich matcha lava oozing out of the thin and crisp edges! It has strong matcha flavor but more on the sweet side, served with adzuki beans and ricotta cheese, it can get really jelak (too rich) if you're planning to eat the whole dish by yourself. At least, the addition of homemade dango and crumble give a variation to the texture midway and yuzu peel to counter the richness.

Ninja Cut
Address: 32 Seah St, Singapore 188388 (nearest MRT: City Hall)
Opening Hours: 9.30am - 9.30pm on weekdays and 9.30am - 6pm on the weekend

4. Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters - Upper Thompson Road

I heard that Pacamara won the best cafe award not long after they opened back in 2014. The cafe itself is a collaboration between Oz Specialty Coffee and Thailand's famous Pacamara Coffee Roasters.

The Matcha Pancake here is soft and fluffy with crisp edges. If you think the "lava version" is too rich, I think you might like this one! Served with adzuki bean paste and adzuki ice cream, the matcha flavor is quite subtle for my liking but the overall taste is quite satisfying. The thick and sweet vanilla sauce goes perfectly well with the fresh berries and simply raise the bar for breakfast pancake. 

Ps: Read the full post here if you want to see more of their other Instagenic dishes~

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
Address: 185 Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 574333 (nearest MRT: Marymount)
Opening Hours: 9am - 11pm daily

5. Habitat Coffee - Upper Thompson Road

Habitat Coffee is also situated along Upper Thompson Road. To differentiate themselves from the usual ricotta hotcake, they serve Stuffed Berries Hotcake with tiny bits of cream cheese on the inside. The texture is thick but still moist and soft at the same time. Served with a dollop of cream cheese on top, mixed berries, rice crisps, and seeds - the overall taste after eating it halfway becomes a little too dry for my liking and I still think ice cream is very much needed as a partner here. 

Habitat Coffee
Address: 223 Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 574355 (nearest MRT: Marymount)
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm Tuesday - Sunday, Closed on Monday

6. Curious Palette - Prinsep St

You might easily walk past this place as they have no clear sign board at the front. But looking at their Berry Ricotta Hotcake once on social media sparks the curiosity in me! Be prepared to wait for at least 30 mins. Served warm with maple syrup on the side, the hotcake itself is not too sweet, the texture is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. For me personally, the portion size is good for sharing but somehow lacking of toppings. The proportion is a bit off and you might end up with only maple syrup halfway through.

Curious Palette
Address: 64 Prinsep St, Singapore 188667 (nearest MRT: Bras Basah)
Opening Hours: 9am - 10pm Monday - Sunday, Closed on Tuesday

I hope you enjoy reading this post and please let me know if you have any favorite places! I'd definitely love to expand this list with your suggestion too =)

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