The Tale of HOJICHA Pancake at Les Patisseries - Upper Thompson Road

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Whether you want to sip a cup of coffee at a cafe or to order a glass of Teh Tarik at a kopitiam or to enjoy the mouthwatering dishes at restaurants, Upper Thompson Road has it all! 

The decoration inside Les Patisseries is kept minimal, it's more like a bakery shop with couple of tables if you want to dine in. On top of their pastries and cakes, this place also have some brunch and cafe menu to choose from.
Ps: don't forget to try their Hojicha Latte if you like tea =)

As a fan of matcha, I can't miss ordering their Matcha Croissant! The filling is quite thick with strong and sweet matcha flavor - it feels like eating croissant with abundant matcha spread on the inside. The croissant's texture, on the other side, is flat with no distinct layers and a bit too doughy unfortunately.

Lobster Benedict - $22
It's basically a slice of toasted Brioche cut into half and served with lobster chunks coated in lime mayonnaise. If you like rich and creamy dish, I bet you'll like this dish - think about mentaiko hollandaise and runny egg yolks on top of lime mayonnaise! 

Overall, this dish is good and satisfying but I just find it a little bit too rich and "wet" for my liking. I guess if they work out a little bit more on the presentation side, it'd look and taste even better!

If matcha is too mainstream, after Hojicha Latte how about Hojicha Pancake? Hojicha is roasted green tea with a toasty and caramel-like flavor. Served with matcha spread, vanilla ice cream, chia seed, and fresh berries, the pancake is soft and fluffy with crisp edges! The hojicha flavor is strong with pronounced sweetness just the way I like it and a sprinkle of crushed hazelnuts gives additional crunch to the overall taste.

Les Patisseries
222 Upper Thompson Road, Singapore 574354
Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday 11am - midnight
Friday 11am - 2am
Saturday 9am - 2am
Sunday 9am - midnight

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