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From a cinema theater to a skating rink, this Petersham's 1912 iconic building is now called as Majestic Gourmet Grocers, a foodies paradise where you can find European-style gourmet grocer, a florist, and Majestic Harvest all in one place. 

They said as the seasons change, so does the menu. Using the fresh seasonal produces from the daily market harvest, Chef Shiman Woon, ex Three Williams and Cibo e Vino, creates seasonal and wonderful dishes for breakfast, lunch, and tapas dinner where I'd say more Asian touches can be found this time.

There's something about French Toast with vanilla ricotta that is really perfect when combined together. Thick fluffy french toast with a touch of gourmet crunch from sesame seeds crust, a hit of peanut butter on top of sweet maple syrup, fresh berries, caramel popcorn, banana and orange definitely take it over the top. If you love nutty dish, I guarantee you will definitely like this one!

Potato & Crab Hash
Potato Hash can be considered everyone's favorite breakfast food be it in the form of cakes or hash browns, or just simply sauteed with bacon. Majestic Harvest's version is more cakey and soft on the inside and served with sauteed mushrooms, slow cooked egg and a crusty brioche stick. I couldn't really taste the crab part but the smoked cheese sauce actually steals my attention the most. The sauce is smooth, creamy, definitely cheesy with additional truffle oil for an extra kick.

Prawns, garlic and cream are match made in heaven! This linguine pasta is one of my favorites with its rich, creamy and delicious taste! Served hot with al-dente texture, it has surely become the perfect treat for a cold day.

Earl Grey Panna Cotta
Nutella Cheese Cake
Moving on to the dessert, Earl Grey is one of these flavors and scents that soothes me. I love any desserts infused with it, just like this Earl Grey Panna Cotta. This classic dessert has a delicate flavor and a perfect choice if you feel like something refreshing. The Nutella Cheese Cake, on the other hand, has a surprise waiting on the inside! As soon as you cut it open, the melted Nutella oozes out ready to be eaten with the rich and yet light cheese cake!

Majestic Harvest
49A New Canterbury Road, Petersham
Opening Hours:
Monday - Wednesday 7am - 7pm
Thursday - Saturday 7am - 10pm
Sunday 7am - 5pm
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-Let's Nomnom dined as guests of Majestic Harvest. Thanks Lady and the team for the warm service and hospitality. All opinions here are our own and independent-


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