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Happy New Year people! First post in 2016 and I'll start with this quite-new cafe at the edge of Crows Nest and St Leonards. Cavalier Specialty Coffee has done a great job during their first month as they're also the People's choice runner up for Sydney's best cafe. 

This small cafe has limited seating and fortunately we got seated right after we arrived (around 12pm on Saturday). The kitchen is tiny but they surely deliver great food with friendly service!

This breath taking Oldskool Newskool Salmon is definitely my favorite and the plating seriously looks so pretty! The poached salmon is creamy and light with pate-like texture and served with two perfectly poached eggs and crunchy toasted Rye chips on the side. Topped with (you can opt for extra) caviar, this dish is bursting with flavour when eaten together with the tangy beetroot yoghurt and somewhat sweet but full of umami black garlic mayonnaise. 

I heard they will change the menu every 5 weeks and fortunately, this attention stealer Oldskool Newskool Salmon will always remain on the menu!

To be honest, I was attracted to the other french toast version I saw on their Instagram more than the current one. It's not that I don't like it but somehow I feel like their current English Triffle French Toast is too white and pale. The current version has light and smooth English style custard poured over the lightly toasted brioche and topped with fresh banana, banana powder, crushed vanilla biscuit and whipped cream. Despite having many elements, I still think that flavour combination doesn't really work here as the overall taste is just sweet and quite monotone. 

One of their weekend special menu is this Black Leg Ham Benedict. Runny eggs, good ham, crusty toast, it's not a surprise to see Egg Benedict is one of crowd's favorite breakfast food. On top of that, the velvety smooth house-special Hollandaise sauce also plays an important part with its unique flavour - I guess with a hint of mustard, that's quite different from the usual sauce I've eaten before.

Prosciutto Roll is the other weekend menu and it looks like a breakfast burger with pile of prosciutto slices and some veggies. The bun is fresh but I actually prefer my buns toasted - I guess who doesn't like to have extra crunch while munching the delicate prosciutto right?

Cavalier Specialty Coffee
34 Oxley Street, Crows Nest
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday - Friday 6.30am - 3pm
Saturday - Sunday 8am - 2pm
Closed on Tuesday
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